Now that's an idea
It may not be true,
But what if it's real?

You could've been a knight who saved
The damsel in distress,
Or you could've been a genius
Who loved a game of chess.

You've might've been a holy monk,
Silent and serene;
Or you might've been a lively star
Upon the silver screen.

If it's true, you'll never know
Just what the future holds;
You could end up a cyborg
With robotic eyes of gold.

You could get psychic powers
With which to save the world;
Or you might turn out a dashing man
Who dazzles all the girls.

You never know just what you might
Have been or might become;
That explains the mystery
Of reincarnation.

Author's Notes: Just some random thoughts mixing reincarnation with this weird series of dreams I had. I wouldn't say it's corny...but intro and conclusion didn't come out very strong. Oh well, the idea wasn't bad, though. =) It'll give you something to think about, I hope. Thanks for reading! ~Mistress Jakira