Here we go again

On a deadly spin

Never thinking

Just pretending

That everything is fine within

A game it seems

Of unfriendly means

That never lets us get away

Seems we're stuck till that fateful day

Lest someone comes and helps us redeem

All the laughter and the pain

All the sunshine in the rain

No one sees the death in me

For I paint a pretty good picture, see?

And all the joy is what I feign

You'd never know what I go through

Even if you feel it too

Because you cannot see this hurt

For I wear a mask and a really big shirt

That covers all the pain inside

Making you think that I have nothing to hide

I must be good at this little game

Putting all others much to shame

No one can tell that I am still broken

If they do they don't give a token

Of understanding or of care

Seems it's too much to even go there

Yet if you feel the same as I

Just remember not to die

It's not worth the effort to waste a life

This is just another strife.

It will pass as it always does

Just remember there is a God who loves

The mask is gone, the shirt replaced

Now there's a real smile upon my face

I have nothing to fear

As he is always near

And as I mend

I find this the end

Of another chapter in this book called life.

Alisa Rose