Small and dark upon a chain,
Impossible in shape,
A pendant of five elements
Born of a fiery lake.
A curse unto the one who wears it,
A blessing to those who don't;
Striking those who seek its power,
Kind to those who won't.

The first of five touches the force
Of the fire from which it came.
Those who are trapped, compelled by this power
Play a deadly game.

The second force is the symbol of life
And one that causes death;
Water's claustrophobic fate
Arising from the depths.

The third bar has the color of topaz,
Element of rock:
A sign of true and solid strength
Unchanged by the ticks of the clock.

The center of air, though passive, is true
To the whirl of the whipping wind,
Though its careless but deadly hurricane breeze
Of course can, in turn, do you in.

Like thunder rumbling down from the sky
The fifth power comes from within;
The amulet simply magnifies
The strength which you had to begin.

'Tis not worldly power this jewel doth hold
In its bars so be you warned:
Evil seeping inside of your heart
The gem shall surely scorn.
So guard against it carefully,
Lest such injustice be borne,
And the wrath of the Lord be unleashed upon
The Earth just to even the score.

Author's Notes: Actually this was for math extra credit in 8th grade. *laughs* I never turned it in because I also had to make a poster (which I didn't like and couldn't do in the allotted time due to my inherent laziness), but I had to write a story about this weird shape--I forget what she called it--but it's impossible in real life. You can only draw it on paper in 2-D, there is no possible way to make it into a three-dimensional figure. I thought that was pretty cool anyway. So I started thinking about the story and I thought "why not a poem?" I guess I was on a poetry kick, but I always ask myself that question, because poetry takes up less time than stories do, and they're much easier for me to keep continuing with. They're so much shorter.
So I looked at the shape and thought about it a while, and my little anime-corrupted brain always thinks of things in the five elements, and when I sat down at lunch to write it, this is what came out. Not bad, if I do say so myself. ^_^ It was fun.
The last rhyming thing (borne/score) doesn't really rhyme, but don't tell me because I already know. ^_^; I couldn't just toss what I was trying to say. The rhyme scheme is fairly obvious, so I won't bother pointing it out. Yes, slight religious reference at the end, but look, I'm a Christian and I'm proud of it. So...there. And prophecies are much easier when you mix in a religious element. Makes them more believable; aren't prophecies usually having something to do with God or the gods? (Maybe it's just too much David Eddings reading for me.)
Anywho, I hope you liked it. ^_^ I thought it was pretty neat myself. Thanks for reading!! ~MJ