AN: Today it is a half year since Sept. 11th. Because of this, I decided to write this. This is written from the point of view of a lady (no one in particular) who's husband died in the tragic events of Sept. 11th, six months later. May God be with all the family of the victims.

Six Months

Six months have passed
Since I saw you last
Six months since the day
That that terrible day you went away

Six months since I saw you
I still wonder how anyone could do
Something like to take your life
Take you away from your wife

Six months the towers collapsed
Six months since you last gasped
For your very last breath
Six months since your death

Six months and I'm still feeling blue
Six months - I still think about you
Six months since I saw you my love
Six months since you went up above

Six months since you went up to God
And I know he is taking care of you

AN: I am so sorry about those events, and I would like to let anyone who knew anyone who knew someone who passed away on Sept. 11th to know I am really sorry. This is my way of saying it.