There is so much

That is not right in this world

I weep for all the sorrows

That humans bring on fellow humans

I weep for all of the injustice

That has lived in the world

Since civilization began

I weep for Arthur

Brought his country together

Founded chivalry

Died on his troubled child's hand

I weep for Joan, with her heroic vision

Of a free home country

Yet she died on baseless accusations

I weep for the people that died then

I weep for those who die today

Where are our Arthur of Camelots?

Our Joan of Arcs?

Is our newest generation our hope?

I hope for the answers

To unspoken questions

author's note: i wrote this when i was fed up with the problems with the world. i kinda get angry when i think of that sort of thing. please let me know what you think