A young woman stood in the great Celestial Hall, a feat of the Cosmos architectural
style. The Celestial Hall had a monumental, arched ceiling, with great pillars supporting it,
much like the Roman pantheon. It seemed to be made of glass, or the galaxy itself, for when you
looked about, all you could see were stars, nebulae, and distant planets. The young woman gazed
up in fear to the six thrones that stood in a majestic circle at the end of the hall. She
stepped forward. Seated in the first throne was a woman wearing a black robe. Her sharp eyes
and wavy floor length hair were also as dark as night. The woman in the second throne was decked
in a bright robe of many colors, ruby hair that barely fell past her ears, and bright green eyes.
The third was a woman clothed in brilliant gold, with golden waist-length hair and amber eyes.
The fourth woman wore a silver robe, accenting her jet black hair which was pulled back from her
face, and kind blue eyes. The fifth wore a blue robe, and had sky blue waves which barely
reached below her shoulders, and deep ocean-like eyes. The last woman wore a robe of bright
white, had soft royal purple eyes, and straight, waist length lavender hair.

"Shiroi, I believe you know why we called you here." The woman in the third throne spoke. Shiroi stepped closer to the thrones, and out of the shadows. Her white silver hair glimmered against her pale skin, which shone as if it was made of diamond dust. Her pale blue eyes stared at her feet. "Yes, Sister Sun."

"Shiroi, your child. She was born of sin, am I correct?" The woman in the sixth throne
now spoke.

"Yes. . .Sister Star, she was. . ." Shiroi's reply was nearly a whisper, but it still
echoed off of the walls.

"You bore an adulterous child of the emperor. We are sorry Shiroi, but for this you must
be punished." The woman in the first throne said sympathetically.

"This I know, my dearest Sister Night." Shiroi replied sadly.

"If it were up to us Shiroi, this wouldn't have to happen, but Emperor's orders are
Emperor's orders." The fifth woman said softly.

"I understand, Sister Sky. . .I just feel so betrayed. ." Shiroi's voice cracked, and
she sobbed quietly.

The fourth woman jumped from her seat and ran to Shiroi. She hugged her tightly and
said, "I'm sorry it had to be this way, Shiroi. Please forgive us! The emperor's orders are to
take the child away, and banish you forever. We promise the best for your child, and that one
day. .we will find a way to bring you back to us. Because I don't have the heart to banish
anyone forever, especially you. So please, never lose hope! We'll bring you back, I promise!"
The woman said, herself beginning to cry.

Shiroi hugged the woman tightly. "Thank so much, Sister Moon. Thank you, all of you."
She said as she finally let go of Sister Moon. They all smiled, and the second woman stepped off
of her throne as well. She hugged Shiroi tightly, then let go and put her hands on her shoulders.

"We all love you very much. One day, everything will be all right." She smiled brightly.
"But now, it is time." She held out her cupped together hands to Shiroi. Shiroi sighed deeply,
wove her finger together and placed them over her chest. Her chest began to glow, and Shiroi
slowly moved her hands away from her chest, as a brilliant prismatic crystal emerged from it.
Shiroi took it and placed it in the woman's hands.

"Please. . .Sister Day. .take good care of her. Take her to a place where she will never
know who she really is. .so she will not suffer. . .please. ." Shiroi's eyes slowly closed.
Night leaped from her throne as Shiroi's body went limp. She caught her before she fell, and
carried her to the center of the circle of thrones.

Sister Day gazed in awe at the crystal in her hands. "I see this one will powerful,
maybe even more powerful than Shiroi. ."

Night stood in the center, where inscribed on the ground was a circle, a zodiac circle.
She lifted Shiroi's body high and chanted:

I give you wings
to travel onto better things
to find yourself a stranger
to quench this cosmic anger
to find this grander place
again see face to face
destiny shall reunite
those of the greatest might
when revolution comes
and warrior shuns
till next we meet!

Shiroi's body slowly faded from Night's hands, going to some distant place, she didn't
even know where. Night walked sadly to where her sisters were gathered around Day.

Day turned to Night and smiled. "Look at this, Sister! Shiroi's child possesses great
power! Look at the light!" She said excitedly. Night stared at the crystal. Her sister was right.
This small child would grow to have much power. Sky looked then thoughtfully stared at the stars.

"I know where to send the child, it's perfect, absolutely perfect, but there's just one
thing." Sky said thoughtfully.

"What is it?" Star inquired as she continued gazing at the crystal.

"The child is too powerful. .much too powerful. Even if we were to send her to Earth,
she could be found, or worse, she could cause Chaos without knowing it." Sky gazed at Sun. Sun

"What do we do, then?" Night inquired.

"Oh no. . ." Moon said quietly.

"Yes, there's no other way." Sky said.

"But that can cause even more chaos than if she just went like this!" Day said in a
high-pitched whine.

"It is all right. . .trust me, this will turn out for the best, you guys will see!" Sky

Her sisters didn't feel so sure, but they let Sky do it anyway. Besides, how much harm
could it do?


"Reika! You want to come to my house and study?" A girl with rainbow colored pigtails
called to her blonde friend. Reika turned and nodded.

"Sure! I'd love to, Satu." Reika called back, and ran to join Satu. The two girls walked
together through down tree-lined path in front of the school. Satu looked up at the sky and
shielded her eyes from the blazing sun.

"Reika, it's so warm today, and it's still supposed to be winter!" She said, looking at
her friend and rolling up the sleeves of her winter school uniform.

"I really don't mind. . " Reika said dreamily, staring off distantly.

Satu stopped walking, and grinned evilly. "Someone's in loooove!!" She sang giddily,
skipping in circles around the confused Reika. Reika blushed and held her school bag in front of
her face.

"I-I have n-no id-dea what y-you're talking about!" Reika squealed in embarrassment.
Satu stopped right in front of Reika and leaned forward on her tiptoes.

"It's Ken isn't it? I know it is! C'mon you can tell me. . hee!" Satu giggled
uncontrollably, while Reika turned a bright crimson. Reika gently pushed Satu, who fell flat on
her butt.

"B-owwwww!" Satu whined.

Reika sweatdropped. "Satu! You're so nosy, but. . .you guessed right. I think I'm in
love with Ken!" Reika said, her usually soft voice even softer. Satu jumped up and hugged Reika.

"Oooooo! How exciting!! Have you written him a love letter yet?"

"Well. .no, I just get too nervous and. . ." Reika fiddled with her long blonde hair.

"Hiiiii guys!" Someone called happily.

Satu turned to greet the caller. "Yue!!!"

Reika smiled and waved. Yue ran up to them, her red boyish-cut hair falling into her
bright brown eyes. "Hey guys! Whatcha up to?"

"We were going to Satu's house to study. You want to come?" Reika asked Yue.

"Yea! Come with us Yue!" Satu said happily.

"Allright then. So we're going to walk there?" Yue asked as they started walking again.

"Well. . .isn't it obvious?" Satu said sarcastically.

Yue smacked Satu over the head. "Shut up!"

"OWWWW!" Satu screamed.

"Ssshhhhh! Be QUIET!" Yue yelled, hitting Satu again.

"Both of you! Shut your traps!" Reika's voice overpowered both of their's, and they
gazed at her in amazement. "Look! There he is!" She whispered. Satu and Yue scrambled to see
where Reika was pointing and there he was. The gorgeous creature known as Ken Tachikawa.

"WOW! He's hot!" Satu said, almost too loudly.

"Ssssshhhhhh!" Reika hissed angrily. "Be quiet and hide!"

"Huh?" Satu said.

"Over here!" Yue pulled Satu behind the hidden shelter of a large tree, while Reika hid
behind the smaller, neighboring tree.

Reika let out a small sigh as she watched him make his way to baseball practice.
"Oh Ken. ." She whispered, turning around and leaning her back against the tree. She lifted her
hands to her cheeks.

"Oooooo! She's blushing again!!!" Satu squealed. Yue clamped her hand over Satu's mouth,
then hissed in her ear,

"Is Reika in love with him?"

Satu nodded earnestly as she tried to pry Yue's hands away from her face. Yue however,
was much taller and stronger than Satu, and held her tight.

"He's coming this way!" Reika breathed, fanning herself excitedly.

"What!?" Yue said in an exaggerated whisper.

"Shhh! Shut up! Shut UP!" Reika hissed, picking up a rock and throwing it in the general
direction of Satu and Yue. It hit the captive Satu right between the eyes, and knocked her
unconscious. Yue's eyes widened as she felt Satu's small body go limp, and she dropped her.

"Geez Reika! You killed her!" Yue nearly screamed. "I didn't know you had it in you!"

"EEEEEE! SHHHHH!" Reika whispered frantically, for Ken was getting closer. Reika pressed
her back up against the tree and held her breath, and Yue did the same.

Ken chuckled as he walked. 'Those girls aren't very discreet, are they. .' He thought
to himself, as he slung his baseball duffel over his shoulder, and casually made his way to
where Reika, Yue, and Satu were 'hiding'.

Reika bit her lip and closed her eyes. He was so close. . . so close!! Yue stared at her
friend, the looked down on the floor at the fallen Satu. That couldn't possibly be good. He was
only a few feet away from them, not to mention Satu's body.

Ken smiled and purposely ran his hand through his hair. The girl's loved that, he knew

Reika swooned, and nearly fainted. Yue had to stifle a giggle.

Ken continued walking. He was wasting time. Tomorrow he would find a love letter from
this girl in his locker, and he would respond for once. She seemed sweet, and she was very cute.
His confident stride and deep thoughts were very rudely interrupted by a very large, uneven bump
in the path. He looked down and found a small girl with rainbow tresses sprawled out on the
floor. He kneeled down by her body and checked her pulse. 'She's definately alive. . .oh yea,
this my secret admirer's best friend!' He thought as he rolled the Satu onto her back. Then
something caught his eye. Satu's necklace. A crystal pendant which seemed to change colors. At
the moment, it was blue. A deep, placid ocean blue. As he reached over to touch it, she slowly
began to open her eyes, wide violet eyes.

"Are you okay?" He asked, helping her sit up.

Satu blinked. "Miku. .retard. Mom said the cookies were over there. ." She said, her
voice slurred, her eyes suddenly spiraled.

Ken sweatdropped, then stood, and patted Satu on the head. "Hope you find your cookies,"
He said with a smile, then he walked away.

When he was far enough away that Reika couldn't see him anymore, she and Yue emerged
from the trees.

"Ooh! WOW! He's so cute. .and nice, and he has a sense of humour!!" Reika giggled
excitedly. Yue glared at her, then focused on the drooling Satu sitting on the floor.

"Hey kid." She said, gently shaking Satu.

"Daaa. .aaahaha!!" Satu continued to drool.

"AAA! SAtU WaKE uP!!!!" Yue yelled.

Satu screamed and did a backward somersault into a tree. "Hee. Hi Yu-chan." Satu
said sheepishly.

Reika walked over to Satu and helped her get right-side up again. "Gosh I'm sorry Satu,
I guess I get a little crazy when it comes to boys."

"A little crazy?" Yue said incredulously.

"Maybe you should start liking girls now." Satu suggested.

Reika sighed. "That's okay. . . I think I'll stick to boys."

The girls started on the path to Satu's house once more. As they walked, Satu grew
quiet, and stared thoughtfully into space.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Yue asked.

"Well. . .Last one to my house has to make snacks!" She screamed, taking off at

"Wait!" Reika yelled.

"You know I'm gonna win!" Yue called as she blasted ahead.


*In a palace, in a galaxy far away, really really far away for that matter. . .*

A scrawny young man, in about his late teens, watches Reika, Satu, and Yue on little
monitor (he mostly watches Reika). A woman, more mature looking, and very very beautiful,
stands behind the young man.

"Mooom! I want her!" The young man says. His unusually high-pitched and whiny voice
makes his own mother cringe in terror.

"Yes my son. It shall be done. Don't worry yourself over this." The woman says, hoping
he will stop talking.

"She's so beautiful. . .even more beautiful than you mommy!" He says in his whiny voice.

The woman grows angry, and very red, and smacks her son upside the head. "Watch it boy.
I gave you your life, and I can legally take it away!" She hissed, a ferocious aura growing
around her.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry moooooommy!!!!" He whined. The woman covered her ears and grimaced.

"Fine! FINE! Just shut up!"

"Ok. . mom."




Reika glanced toward the window. "Satu?"

"Hmm?" She murmured offhandedly, enthralled with the TV.

"It's getting dark. . .I think I should go home now."

"Aww! Do you really have to?" Satu rolled onto her back.

"Some of us have cram school to go to!" Reika said, poking Satu in the side with her

Satu blinked. Yes, although cram school was a fact of life, Satu didn't attend as much
as the other kids did. She wasn't a genuis, but she did have the ability to study well on her
own, and learn quickly. "I'll walk you out, Reika!" She leaped up happily and lead Reika to the
door. "Mom!!! Reika's leaving!" Satu called to the other side of the house.

"Oh! Goodbye hon'! Thank you for coming!" Her mother called.

"Thank you for having me!" Reika replied.

Satu grinned and opened the door. "Thanks for comin' Reika! It was fun!" Satu said as she
stepped out of the house.

"Your welcome!" Reika stepped out, then closed the door behind her.The girls were silent
as they walked to the corner bus stop. "Satu?" Reika said softly.


"Thank you for helping me write the love letter. I never had the courage to write one
myself." Reika stopped, and gazed at the waning moon.

"Why?" Satu stopped next to her, and watched her face.

"Well, you know what they say!" Reika said, turning away, and walking once more.\

"What do they say?" Satu blinked in confusion. Not one for gossip and rumours, she
had absolutely no idea what Reika was talking about.

"Well. . .his locker is always full to the brim with love letters, and he never responds
to any of them!" Reika pulled her letter from her school bag, and stared at it's soft pink
envelope and heart-shaped seal. "Forget it! I just won't send it at all!" Just as she was going
to tear the letter into shreds, Satu grabbed it from her hands.

"Reika! You can't!" She hopped about excitedly. "He will respond to your letter! I know
it! Cuz you're different from those other girls! You're pretty and real real nice and everyone
likes you cuz you're so kind and friendly!"

"There will be no need for this love letter!" A high-pitched, whiny, almost
prepubescent guy voice interrupted the girls.

They both turned around, and found themselves staring at a horrifying vision of power
and magnificence, well. .no not really, but they certainly were surprised. Before them stood
a very tall and very very skinny young man with brown hair and bulging hazel eyes, laughing
maniacally. He was dressed very regally, and did indeed wear a slim golden crown on his head.

A single comment escaped from Satu's lips. "Eeewww."

The young man grew enraged. "What? Who do you think you are!? You dare be disgusted
with I, the mighty Cosmic Emperor!??" He screamed.

"You're an emperor?" Satu asked with disbelief.

The emperor snarled, then looked very smug.

Reika couldn't believe what she was seeing. She decided they would have to escape. This
guy was obviously psycho.

"How daaaaare you! You WILL be punished, and I WILL get what I want!" The emperor

Reika cringed at his voice, then leaned over to Satu and whispered, "Uhm, maybe we
should run. ."

"Na. .He's too puny to do anything!" Satu whispered with a laugh.

"I heard that!" He growled, his voice more irritating than ever. "You will pay!" He
cried, pointing at Satu. "And you. . you shall be my wife!" His voice softened as he turned to

Satu and Reika gasped in unison. Reika nudged Satu. "Can we run now?" She asked very
quietly. Satu nodded, and they took off running, Reika screaming at the prospect of becoming
that. .that creatures wife!

"You won't get away!" He screamed, the lifted his hands in the air, thunder crashed
around him, and his fingers became whip-like, snake-type thingies. . shrugs. They stretched,
and chased Satu and Reika.

Satu jumped as she felt one of the 'whips' slam down only centimeters from her running
feet. "Run faster Reika! He's trying to get us with those whip things!" She screamed as another
slammed down in between Reika and herself. It sent Reika flying, but Satu didn't notice, and she
continued running, until. . .

"Reika!! C'mon we. ." She turned back. "Reika? REIKA!" She saw her friend lying on the
ground tangled and being choked by the whips. "Reika hold on!" Satu ran to her, but it was too
late. The whips dragged Reika back to the Emperor. Satu took a blind leap toward Reika, and
managed to hook onto her arm. She pulled wildly. "I won't let you take her!"

"Oh really?" The Emperor laughed giddily, then continued reeling Reika in.

"Don't let him take me Satu! He's so. . .weird!" Reika cried as she desperately tried to
escape. Satu gritted her teeth and tugged with all her might.

"Damn it! Let her gooooo!" Satu screamed.

"Too bad!" He screamed back, and finally pulled Reika away from Satu and into his arms.
"So pretty. . ." He said as he caressed her face. "Mommy can deal with you for now!" Then Reika
disappeared into thin air.

"Nooooooooo!" Satu screeched angrily. She couldn't stand the thought of her best friend
being married to a creep-a-zoid like that, when she could have Ken Tachikawa!

"Now to deal with you, little girl!" He sent his whips flying after her, but this time
she couldn't run. She lifted her arms to shield herself.

"Mwahahahaahahahaha-huh?" The Emperor stared in shock and disbelief at the small girl
before him. She had somehow managed to stop his attack! Satu opened her eyes, and gazed down at
her chest. Her crystal pendant was glowing, and the light from it had stopped the emperor's
attack. She lowered her arms, then removed her pendant, and held it up in front of her. A slow
smile spread across her face.

"HAHAHA! you can't hurt me! Loser!" She said in a sing-song voice.

The Emperor growled. "Ha!" He let loose one of his whips on her, she screamed, but
continued holding the pendant out in front of her. There was no light this time. Just the
metallic crash of a sword. .then silence. Once again, she opened her eyes. Standing in front
of her, with an elegant sword in hand, was none other than the dashing Ken Tachikawa! Her
pendant. .well her pendant was gone. Shattered into six pieces on the floor. But she didn't
dare to pick them up, for the look on the emperor's face was like stone, and the presence of
Ken was even stranger.

"I am afraid to ask. . but why are you here, Inoe?" Ken asked the Emperor.

"Call me Emperor. I search for a wife." He replied with his best attempt at being regal.

"That's pretty funny, Inoe. You? Emperor? HA! You weren't even qualified to be a knight!
How did you ever become Emperor?"

"Watch it, I have power of you!"

"You're no match for me, Inoe."

"Whatever, Tsukikage, or should I say, Ken!" With another round maniacal laughter, he

Satu tugged on Ken's sleeve. He spun around. "Are you ok?"

"Fine, but can I ask you something?"

"Ya, sure."


"Pick up the pieces of your crystal and go home. You will find out tomorrow."