Scholarly Habits part 2!

The girls all rushed out of the house, eager to get to school and wreak havoc there. Satu
hung back, then quickly returned to her room and grabbed her pink crystal shard. It was still on
it's slender, silver chain so she slipped it over her head and rushed downstairs to join the others.


"Do I have a nice ride or what?" Miku smiled his debonair smile as he stood in front of his
canary yellow jeep and showed it off to the girls. Crimson subconsciously blushed at his smile,
then wrinkled her nose and yelled, "I call shot-gun!"

Indigo made a face, then sweatdropped. "Uhm, Crimson didn't you-"

"Sssshhh!" Azure signaled for Indigo to stop, then leaned over and whispered to Indigo,
"That's rude! He probably doesn't know he's a bad driver!"

Crimson leaped into the front seat, then turned to stare curiously at Indigo and Azure.
"What was that you guys?"

"Nothing!" Azure smiled a soft smile. Saffron giggled. Crimson
rolled her eyes and tried to buckle her seat belt. Her fiery eyes turned to saucers when she realized
the seat belt had somehow been torn out. 'Oh well. .live dangerously. I guess. .' She thought to

Viridian cringed as she looked Miku's vehicle over. "Uhm. . how old is this thing, did ya
buy it used?"

"It's a '92, and yea, I bought it from this guy at school. It was real cheap too!" Miku
smiled proudly.

"How cheap?" Viridian asked cautiously.

"Eh. . about five-hundred dollars." Miku replied.

Indigo froze, a vein popping out of her forehead. She stalked over to Viridian and pushed
her away. "F-five hundred??"

"Yea. ." Miku began to grow confused.

"I'M GOING TO SCHOOL IN A FIVE-HUNDRED DOLLAR CLONKER!!?!!??" She screeched as she grabbed
Miku by the collar and shook him violently.

"It's not a clonker!" He yelled.

She sighed and dropped him. "I'm walking. Where's Satu?, I need bottled water. I don't want
to dehydrate on the way to school!"

Miku stood and grumbled as he made his way to the jeep. Viridian made death threats to the
back of Indigo's head and walked over to Saffron and Azure.

Satu bounded through the door of her house and locked it behind her. "Is everyone ready to
go?" She asked as she dropped her housekeys in her pocket.

Crimson starting honking the horn. "Wow! Someone remembers we have to go to school!!!" She

Satu blinked. "She didn't listen to me did she?" She quietly asked Saffron. Saffron sweatdropped
and said, "She's great at. .well I dunno what she's great at but. .ehehehe!"

Indigo gracefully made her way to Satu. "Satu, sweetheart. .don't you all own any other, uhm,
modes of transportation?" She smiled sweetly.

Crimson honked again. "Can we get the HELL out of here already!?"

Miku ran to the jeep and jumped into the driver's seat. "Calm down! Just cuz you're PMSing
doesn't mean you have to take it out on us!" Crimson snarled and balled her fists.

"Well, my mom took her car to work. She always does, so I always ride with Miku, but there's
Miku's old bike!" Satu suggested.

Indigo sighed in defeat, then walked reluctantly over to the clonker and climbed in the
backseat. She tried her hardest not to touch anything, then she called to the others, "I don't think
we're all going to fit in here!"

Crimson twisted around in her seat to face Indigo. "How long did it take ya' to figure that
one?" She grinned mischeviously.

Miku turned around as well. "I have an idea! Why don't you sit on my lap, Crimson? Then
Indigo can sit up here, then Satu can sit-" Crimson slammed her fist into Miku's head. "Don't get
fresh!" She said shrilly. Miku moaned. "My brain!" Crimson cackled evilly.

Indigo laughed, then called, "I think we should get out of here before these two kill each
other!" Crimson sweatdropped, then began to honk the horn repeatedly. "Let's goooo!"

"We're coming we're coming!" Saffron said as she ran to the jeep.

"Do you really think it's necessary to make all that noise?" Azure cautioned as she climbed
in next to Indigo.

"Yea! It's the only way to get everyone's attention!" Crimson replied, continuing the racket.

"Ok ok stop!" Saffron laughed as she settled herself next to Azure, or at least tried to.
"Uh oh. ."

"I told you!" Indigo said. Azure made a face. "If you would move over Indigo, Saffron could
fit, then Satu could sit on my lap, and Viridian could sit on yours."

"Move over? And touch this disgusting vehicle more than is necessary? No! that's fine with
me!" Indigo crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air.

Crimson twisted around. "Move it princess." Everyone, including Satu and Viridian who were
still standing outside of the jeep, gave Indigo a dirty look. "Ok OK! Gosh!" Indigo whined as she
scooted over in her seat. Everyone was finally able to climb in, and Crimson finally relaxed.


"We're here!" Miku chirped as he hopped out of the jeep. His smile quickly changed to mild
shock when he turned to look at the girls. Crimson's eyes were bugged out of her head, and she shivered
as clung to her car seat. The five girls in the back were in a tangled heap of frayed nerves. Miku
opened the passenger side door, and tried to pry Crimson off of the seat.

"The speed limit is 30 in a school zone. ." She babbled as he pulled her away and stood her
next to him. He then watched as everyone in the back scrambled to get out. Satu fell out of the jeep
and hit the pavement face-first, and everyone else walked over her to exit.

"That was soooooome ride!" Saffron exclaimed, clutching her head and swaying slightly as she
walked. Azure frowned as she tried to smooth out the wrinkles in her uniform, and Indigo hurled out
every curse word in the book to Miku, who was trying to keep the traumatized Crimson from falling

Viridian patted Indigo gently on the head. "It's ok, calm down! You know you'll get in major
trouble if you talk like that inside the building, hehe." Indigo gave Viridian the look of death.

Satu stomped up to them all and screamed, "YOU ALL BETTER ACT NORMAL IN SCHOOL BECAUSE IF

Everyone was magically restored to their normal states, and they, very normally, walked past
the gates and onto the campus.