I won't compare your eyes to the stars
I won't use clichés to make you see
and I won't tell you that you're
everything to me.

I promise that you'll never hear the
dreaded three-word phrase
and I swear never to tell you how
you leave me in a daze.

I can't tell you to go
nor even just to stay
and nay shall ever I compare thee
to a summer's day.

You don't have to worry,
you can depend on me
I will shield your eyes, my love
so you won't have to see.

Author's Notes: It's what I can define only as a reverse love poem—it's like you want them to know that you love them...but they don't want to know—or, at least, you think that they don't want to know. Oh, I don't know, I was in an angsty, hopeless mood when I wrote this. It fills me with resentment, actually. Anyway, thanks for taking the time! ~Mistress Jakira