This poem I wrote after I woke up at 3:30 AM after a horrible vision. Bare in mind, I was up for 5 days before I had this vision. Some people say that you go clinically insane after 4 days w/o sleep but I barley survived 5. I’m sure that some of you out there have had this dream. Please R+R. Thank you.

The Dream

By Ryoga-kun

My arms are gone

So that you cannot grab them

As I run away.

But my legs are gone

So that I have no way

To run from this awful scene you set.

My eyes are sealed shut with tears

So that I don’t have to see

Anymore that you have done to me.

My voice is gone

So that you can’t hear

My horrible screams of pain.

I concentrate on the music in my head

So it can help block out

The excuses you think up to give me.

I can’t see, hear, touch, or speak.

It doesn’t help, because I still

Feel what you did to me.

I handed you my heart

With careful hands so you could see

How delicate and sensitive it is.

Instead, you let it slip through

Your fingers like a clumsy fool.

You did not realize the rare and

Precious gift I had handed you.

No other guy could come anywhere close

To the offer I gave you.

And as I try for one more scream

It escapes my mouth and my eyes open.

I’m still in my room. And the music…

I left my earphones on by accident.

My arms and legs are still attached

To my body, and I sigh with relief.

I realize that it was only a dream but…

That pain I felt in my heart…

It’s still there. Why won’t it go away?

If I know it was only a dream then why

Do I still feel pain in my heart?

I know that the girl I love

Didn’t really kiss my best friend

Right there in front of me.

So, why do I hurt so badly?

I guess my brain just wants my body

To get those feelings out of the way.

I know she doesn’t love me,

Which is why, sooner or later,

She’ll pick someone else to fall in love with.

So why can’t I let go?

Why can’t I let go?