Sensible Politics...or...Sean Hannity Dedication II

Believe in, more highly,
As times grow and change
The boundaries of nations
Are pushed and remain
Like the gasping of breathing
And the switch of a reign
Empire to conquered and
Back to the Same

We make a decision on
Which School to follow
And ever-so-slightly it
Fills our tomorrows
But on the Extremes
It can feel to us, callow,
Left without leaders
All causes left hollow

It was found and destroyed
A conceptualized dream
All the glory of power
And what runs underneath
The realness of Despots
As thought it may seem
Paradoxical humanity to
Which side we may lean

But to my Brown-Eyed Irishman
Who splits it to sides
The truth of ideals
And the honor of Right
Who in his neatly-pressed suit
Shares that virtue of Pride
And as the sun falls to darkness
He takes it as night.

So we believe as we do
On every ideal
It falls to an Irishman to
Push it on "Real"
And he does, as we take
To what each of us feel
American politics and what
Cards we deal

So take your own roads
Down the spectrums of Change
In the end 'tis the Irishman
Who may just remain
Those termed as Idealists often
Will reign
And the smiling gentleman,
Brown Eyes, all the same...