My Silver

You and me

Will never be

I can't see

The truth in you

By my hands

There you hold

Your sharpness

Kills me

Along with the dead

I ride as your princess

The sleeping child

Who holds your finger

With a plea

I beg thee

Let me see

With eyes

Unchaste from death

Every night

Every day

In the sun

And in the moon

Underneath my pillow

I hide thee

My dark secret

The baby never born

In the womb

Clutching tight

For it's dear life

You the one

Who is this

This bug

This virus

This cancer

This beauty

With your silver pain

And splitting caress

You devour my skin

But I let you go

By a clang

You come to your death

On the floor

Are bits

Of glittering silver

Stars brought down

To be my wishes

Making up

My only reason

The driller of destruction

You were to me

And how I loved thee

Now you see

With your pain

And suffering

That you poisoned in me

This black


Which it be me

How I thank thee

For destroying the skin

Bringing up a song of reality


I laugh

My mind

Gone blank

It's been that way

Since silver knives

Became my best friends

And red



Turned to be

The only thing

That kept me sane

Drunk like water

In a dry cup

Spilled in the sand

Above all Eden

Staining every particle

With my blessed life

In my mind

Now lives a moment


Until you and me

Will be one