so that's how it all ends-
an unmarked grave
a fitting tribute to the Rose of Shadows?
being lost to history is a fate no one deserves
especially him-
as if living in the shadow of a brother weren't enough
now he's lost
to an unmarked grave in Schweidnitz,
now Swidnica
and the people don't care
don't care at all
because he's only Lothar-
der Bruder von der Rote Kampfflieger-
and even the red battle-flier is forgotten today
let alone Lothar
poor, solitary Lothar
lost in death
hidden in life
and only showing himself through his own right-
being extroverted
but that won't help in the end,
not when you're overshadowed by a crimson wing
and even though you try to fly
the shadow's rose is rooted to the ground-
even if only by a forgotten grave
it's still there-
like you
not always forgotten
though the end certainly is
not everyone is blinded by shadows
some can see through the darkness,
guided by the flame of past
of the Lord
and we can't forget-
though it seems that way,
das Stieg von Schatten
the Rose of Shadows
the one overshadowed by a brother
but you're an eagle in your own right-
though firmly rooted in the shrouds of past
in the shadow
you're not truly forgotten
not by me
not by us
and you'll always be there-
though buried in an unmarked grave
in a town that once was yours
but now doesn't care-
Swidnica, once Schweidnitz
proud of its warrior brothers-
but that doesn't matter now
because someone remembers
and the Rose of Shadows can be set free . . .
. . . so the unmarked grave doesn't count,
because you have one in my memory . . .