Part I

Prince Starlight walked down the narrow cramped hallway to the end of it, where the servant's quarters lay ahead. After glancing around to make sure that no one was listening, he entered silent as shadows that lurk in even the cleanest of minds. Starlight glanced around the room and was not surprised by what he saw. The bare necessities of life were all that were provided to the servants who worked in the colossal castle Skydancer, while the royalty had so much to spare but were unwilling to share it. All but Starlight, prince and son to the King Alabaster and Queen Sunlight, who were rulers over the castle and all who inhabited in it. There was a small chest for clothes, a stub of a candle on its nearly bare surface, and a hard block of wood with a straw pallet and a blanket that was supposed to be a bed. But Starlight was not here to witness how incredibly humble his servants lived. No, he was here for something else. For on that bed lay a young girl, and her name was Forestgazer. She was only a girl, barely a woman, and a young beauty of 18. Her hair was as golden as the sun when it rises and her eyes as green as the minuscule blades of grass that shine wet with dew in the blinding light of the sun. She was dozing, and when she heard Starlight enter, her gorgeous jade eyes opened, complete with ebony eyelashes that hung over her eyes. She blinked a few times and got off the bed, smiling. Starlight held her in an almost sort of bear hug, while Forestgazer toyed with his red hair all the while whispering naughty fantasies in his ear. Starlight kissed her neck; the gentle touch of his lips against her heated bare skin made her whimper with joy. As you can tell, the two are lovers. But fate does not bode well for the two. These young lovers committed a crime that was almost considered treason in the castle Skydancer. Starlight was of royal birth, and was expected to marry only royalty to secure the throne and to make alliances. It was forbidden to do the opposite: marrying a humble servant. But Starlight didn't care. As long as the two kept their relationship a secret, they only needed each other to make their world perfect. Starlight gazed down at Forestgazer, the lust burning in his eyes. Without warning, he kissed her as passionately as a groom does to his new bride. Their tongues wrapped around each other, and then explored the far corners of the other lover's mouth, corners that even they had not yet explored with their own tongue. Forestgazer, a naughty shine in her eyes, pulled away from Starlight's mouth and yanked him over to her humble bed. They undressed each other and silently climbed into the bed.

A few months after their "meeting" Forestgazer, lines of concern criss-crossing her lovely forehead, walked to the royal chambers. She entered, and found Starlight sitting at his comfortable desk writing a letter to a friend whom lived in the next town, Cloudancer. After glancing around and finding that no one was around, Starlight playfully kissed his lover, only to find she wasn't playful back. Concerned, Starlight looked at her. "My love, what irks you? You seem so worried.... I can make it better, I promise. Anything for you." Forestgazer shook her head. "I am afraid there is nothing you can do, love." Starlight cocked his head; a look of confusion and disappointment crossed his cute face. "Then what is wrong, my love?" Forestgazer glued her eyes to the ground, and her cheeks reddened with humiliation. "Do you remember when we made love?" "Yes." "Well, I found out today.... Your brother, Sunburst, made a comment about it...I'm, I'm.... pregnant. Starlight, I'm having a baby! I don't know what the hell to do!" Starlight's azure eyes widened, and he rocked back as if slapped. "Oh, my God.... No this can't be true! I only made love to you ONCE! My God, I can't prove my love to you without this...happening." Forestgazer looked away. She was shocked by his reaction. Yes, she was scared, but she would love and care for the baby. She knew that Starlight would pull through as father the best he could, but he was acting like the baby growing inside her was more of a burden than a blessing, which she considered the child to be, a blessing sent by God to her. "Starlight." she said, firmly, looking directly into his blue eyes. "Don't you love your own child? No offense, love, but you are acting like the child is more of and irksome burden than a gift." Starlight sighed. "I'm sorry. I do love the child. "I'm just scared that's all." "Me to." Forestgazer agreed. "But I will care for the child as best as I can." "I will help, and I'll try to see the child as often as Sunburst lets me. I'll try to be the best father that I can be in this situation." (Forestgazer was Sunburst, Starlight's brother's, servant.) Forestgazer kissed him playfully on both cheeks. "We'll be ok with this I'm sure. True love can withstand even the test of time. We'll pull through this, just like we always do." Starlight smiled. Suddenly, one of the other servants, Oceanview, entered, and Forestgazer left Starlight alone to toy with his spinning emotions.

About seven months later, Forestgazer found herself in a difficult labor and Starlight at an important meeting. Mysticseeker, a friend of Forestgazer and one of Starlight's most loved servants came dashing into the throne room. The entire royal family was there, plus a few ambassadors from another castle. Mysticseeker ran up to the king and bowed lowly. "What is it?" Demanded King Alabaster. "Can't you see that I am busy? This better be important, or you're in for it, boy!" Mysticseeker cringed and said in a soft voice "Master, Forestgazer is in labor with her child. We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet but we will tell you when the child is born. We just thought you would like to know." King Alabaster snorted. "That is petty news to me. Why should I care if a servant's child is born or not? She isn't even mine. This is no concern of mine, be gone! Tell someone who cares, or better yet, tell no one at all! Forestgazer won't even reveal the father, so the child is an insignificant bastard anyway." Starlight almost chocked his father with rage. Mysticseeker almost punched is highness at that point, because Forestgazer had been his beloved friend since boyhood, and now that she was at one of the most beautiful moments in her life that only a mother knows, well, that hurt him as much as Starlight. Of course, Mysticseeker, being only a servant, kept his mouth shut for the fear of being beaten. But Starlight was different. He stood up with such rage, that he knocked his chair over, making everyone in the room jump. "Starlight!" Cried the king. "What is the meaning of this! Sit down, you fool!" "I will not have you speak of the mother and her child like that as if they are only property." Said Starlight angrily. "If you don't care for the mother and child at least a little, that is you're problem. Come, Mysticseeker, take me to see Forestgazer and her child." Before the king, queen, or anyone else could respond, Starlight had stormed off with Mysticseeker.

The entire royal family was stunned. Starlight had never been so disrespectful in his life. The king was very suspicious. So he sent for his most trusted steward, Venusbite. Venusbite was cruel and a snake to the other servants, but sucked up to the king. Venusbite straddled up to the king, and bowed saying, "Yes, my lord, what is it that you desire?" "I want you to spy on Starlight and that girl, Forestgazer, who is having her child today. They have both been acting very odd the past few months and I want to know what the hell is going on!" "Yes sir." Venusbite followed Starlight and Mysticseeker's steps to the servant's quarters. There he heard the faint cries of a newborn. Making the smallest crack possible in the door, Venusbite saw what Starlight and Forestgazer were really up to. Starlight was holding the baby, and he was stroking the baby's velvet head. "I love you." he whispered. Forestgazer was asleep, exhausted from the labor. "My son, my son, my little Twilight." sang Starlight softly as he carried the baby around the room. So. Thought Venusbite. They did have a child together! Its a boy and his name is Twilight. I have to tell the king this. The cruel Venusbite then snuck off to tell the king.

"WHAT!" cried the king when he heard the news. "Starlight is a father, and I have a grandson! How outrageous! I'm going to see them now and "confront" them!" And the king, queen, and Venusbite stormed off to confront the young prince father.

"YOU TRAITOR!" shouted the king when he burst through the door. This woke up Forestgazer and the sleeping Twilight in his father's arms. Twilight started to cry. "Shut-up, you damn baby!" screamed the angry king. Starlight glared at him and rocked his baby. "So, you finally found out the hard truth, eh? Well, you better get used to it, because I'm father now and that's that." King Alabaster's eyes widened. He raised his hand, walked over, and slapped his son across the face. Starlight calmly held the scarlet mark on his face. He backed off and shut his mouth. Now it was the queen's turn to pounce on her son. She butted between the king and her son and cursed at him something fierce. Starlight hung his head. Forestgazer, despite the pain she felt due to the labor, she got up off the bed and walked over to the king and queen. She bowed to them and said. "Please forgive us, your Highnesses. It was an accident. We didn't mean..." "Shut up bitch!" snapped the queen. "You wanted to screw my son and you did, and this is what happened. I hate you and you!" she cried, pointing a finger at Forestgazer and Starlight. "The punishment for such an act is exile, or death, my lord." said Venusbite. Forestgazer gasped and Starlight closed his eyes. "But what of our child?" cried Forestgazer, falling to her knees. "Please, spare the child. He is innocent of all crime, he didn't ask for this!" The queen turned to her husband. He would make the final decision. of the fate of his son, his lover, and their child. "Until I make a decision." said the king. "Venusbite, take these traitors to the dungeon-they will await there until their trial."

A few hours later, the trial was in possession. In fact, it was quite short. Forestgazer and Starlight were accused of breaking the most important rule in all of Skydancer, and the baby that didn't belong in either class was the result. For their punishment, they were to be exiled to Nemisis, the mysterouis and undiscovered land across the sea from Skydancer. Knowing that they could easily die, the two lovers, Forestgazer and Starlight trembled. "And as for the child." said King Alabaster, looking down at the infant in Forestgazer's arms. "The child will be spared of the exile. However, someone else has to raise him, because his parents are criminals and we do not want an innocent child to be exposed to such an awful set of parents." He motioned for the guard to take the child from Forestgazer. He did, and Forestgazer broke down. "SHUT UP!" roared the king. "Now." he said, motioning for the guard to hold up the baby for everyone to see. "What servant will raise this abandoned child.? Obviously, he can't be raised by royalty, he has your disgusting servant blood in him. So which servant will raise him?" "I will." came a young male voice. It belonged to Mysticseeker. "For my master, Starlight, and my best friend, Forestgazer, I will raise Twilight for you." The guard handed over Twilight to Mysticseeker, and his girlfriend, Rainshadow, to raise the child for Starlight and Forestgazer. Even though their future was uncertain, Forestgazer and Starlight knew that their baby was in good hands.