Part VI

Author's Note: Please bear with me, I know this has too many chapters and we haven't even gotten started! But keep in mind I want to build suspense and build the characters, so please bear with me. If you have any ideas that might help spice this up, just tell me. I promise to recognize you for your idea in the work!!! Really!!!!!! Just be nice about it, ok?^^

Twilight ran as fast as his lungs would take him. He ran to the shore, at the border of the Skydancer. It was beginning to dawn, and he could see the sunrise over the horizon. It was beautiful. Twilight had never been to the shore before, and he was appalled. He could hear the distant cries of the guards, and he knew that it would only be a matter of time before they caught him and took him back to Icedagger. Twilight remembered what Icedagger had done to him when he ran away the first time; he knew he would probably be killed the second time. Twilight desperately looked around for a means of escape, and found it. An old man was sitting in an old rowboat and smoking a pipe. Twilight ran up to him and said in a hurried tone: "Sir, please take me across the sea to the first place that we land on, and please hurry!" The old man looked up at him. "Sonny, do you have any idea what you're asking me? Across the sea lays that vast land Nemisis, and when I say Nemisis, I'm not kidding! We could die!" "But sir!" protested Twilight. "If I don't go to Nemisis I shall die!" The old man shrugged his shoulders. "I see you've got spunk. Alright I'll take you, but you owe me one!" and so, the old man and Twilight boarded the boat and set off. "Oh and by the way." said the old man. "You can call me Skywise."

A few hours later, Twilight found himself in the middle of the ocean and Skywise asking a bazillion questions. "Where do you come from? Is your mother pretty? Don't tell me you're royalty, cuz if you are I'm throwing you off this damn boat!" "I'm not!" protested Twilight. "My name is Twilight. I'm 16 years old and I was a servant at the castle of Skydancer. My mother's name was Rainshadow, and she was beautiful, and my father's name was Mysticseeker, and he was handsome. But they were exchanged with the nearby castle of Cloudancer for a bunch of white horses. Can you believe it?! My parents for horses!!!!! Outrageous!!!" "I agree." mused Skywise. "That Sunburst over there is so selfish, he probably had no idea that your parents had a kid. But at least they are together. "You're right." said Twilight sadly. "At least they get to be happy." Skywise turned to him. "Well, why do you want to go to Nemisis anyway? Its vast and undiscovered, you may die" "I know." said Twilight, with a hint of twinkle in his eye. "But I would rather die a adventurer than a servant to some asshole." Skywise laughed. "I really like you kid, you have a good head on your shoulders. Just make sure you put that head to good use, ok?" "Alright." said Twilight. The two lone travelers slowly drifted on the seas to the dangerous, undiscovered Nemisis.