The Northern Dawns


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Author’s Notes:

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Err… I had to do some editing, as I noticed that I left out some stuff, and mixed up the grammer a bit on accident. Well, at least you get to know more about Dayneth’s character!

Summary: Kimi and Dayneth meet each other on the unpaved streets of Aora. well, they go through a life-threatening situation, but when they come out, they HATE each other... wait. hate's a strong word ^o^ they DISLIKE each other. IMMENSELY. Still, some ironic twist of fate keeps throwing them together, and before long, they find themselves leaving Aora to journey across the world of Minage... What will they find? Answers aren't always what you want them to be, but what if the answer isn't what you're looking for at all? Whatever it is, what they seek lies in the light of the Northern Dawns...

As always, don’t plagiarize anything in this story. All characters, plots, whatever belongs to me! You won’t believe how much time it takes me to think up names. NAMES. You’d think I’d have trouble with plot lines or something, but no… it’s names. Why? I have absolutely no idea.

This story follows the journeys of Kimi Reitsuko and Dayneth Cescent.

And finally, a bit of history that you might want to know about the world this story is set in before you read, or else you might be a tad confused…

- - - - -

At the end years of the Seasons Era, the Centrale War, which had been suppressed for 100 years, finally broke out. For five years, the war went on, magik against magik, machine against machine, and sword against sword.

The cause of this war was magik. Many people feared it, while others were awed by it. But they could not deny that some had magik while they did not, and so inevitably, war erupted.

For five years the war went on, until in the last year, a warrior appeared. He fought for neither side, but instead, fought to protect the innocent who were being killed in the process. His magik was stronger than any the world had ever seen before, and with his help, the war came to an end. The warrior disappeared.

However, with the end of the war went also the end of magik. Nobody really knew what had happened, but when the dust cleared and everyone looked around, it seemed as though the magik had been lost in this world.

Since then, 300 years in the new Freedom Era has passed peacefully, until one day, the city of Doni’brook was bombed. Nobody survived, and nobody knew who was the culprit. Fear struck the world of Minage, until the High Elders consulted the oracles and sages and discovered that a man called Filler Sansom was to blame. Before the Solom could interrogate him, he killed himself. Nobody ever knew what Sansom was after.

But the world has finally calmed, and 16 years have passed since the Sansom Assaults...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chapter One: Strangers

- - - - - -

Through the dusk,

She searches for a promise,

Whispered by the wind…

In pursuit of a memory,

They journey across the oceans,

Finally to glimpse,

The light of a northern dawn…


The city of Aora was perhaps one of the oldest, yet still not-too-populated towns in the world of Minage. It had stood through the Marx Wars and the Centrale Wars, which was astonishing enough in itself, but through all the changes in the new eras over the thousands of years, it had also managed to keep its old traditions, including those of the Sun and Moon Festivals. They were held each year on the night of the first of November or on the afternoon on the first of May and were a source of much attraction to tourists and locals alike. The Festivals always began with the parades, either in the daytime or night, depending on whether it was celebrating the moon or the sun. Now, sixteen years after the Sansom Assaults, on the first of November, when the autumn gusts were just blowing in from the north, Aora City was just preparing for the Moon Festival that would take place at six that night.

The two ‘o’ clock sun was still high over head, making its way west, as Dayneth Cescent parted from his friends at a crossroad and began to walk to the last two streets home from school.

Today the instructors had really made him work harder than usual. Really, how was he supposed to know how to calculate the average of the distance of the two moons from the sun and Minage with whatever complicated formula Instructor Rasum threw at him? It was basically impossible to do it within the seven seconds that Rasum had given him… Really, it was like the instructor hated him or something. He was always looking for ways to pick on him in particular. Why? Dayneth would never know, but at least he had the Moon Celebrations to look forward to tonight.

He hadn’t spent so much time as usual lately with his friends, and they were beginning to tease him about it, asking if he was hiding something from them. Really, Dayneth shook his head. His friends had the most absurd ideas sometimes. They had asked him if he was dating Paloma Tennet today, when in reality, they knew that he basically wasn’t interested in anybody that way. Dayneth didn’t know why, but he just wasn’t. It was one of the odd quirks about him that set him apart from the others, not like he cared much. Girls didn’t make him uncomfortable, or nervous, but some of them tended to giggle too much. Was that all they did in their spare time? Giggle and talk about the latest fashions, and who was skinnier than who, and the latest going-ons at school? How… dull. There was more to life than that. Dayneth fully planned on experiencing it to the fullest, too. When he was old enough, he would leave this place. He had been itching to leave and go out to do SOMETHING since he had come here. Dayneth almost stopped walking, surprised at this new revelation. Had he just realized this now?

Continuing on, he wondered what would happen when he arrived home. Master Faltin would probably make him do chores like cleaning the floors and straightening the room that he’d left in a mess this morning in his haste. After that was his usual training time till six. Today, he’d be stopping an hour earlier because of the Moon Celebrations. Then he would have time to relax and have fun.

Right as he was turning down the second street before he would reach home, Dayneth heard loud voices, one of which seemed pretty angry. The other one was lighter, a female voice. She sounded amused, sort of. More shouts, and then, the sound of something breaking.

Looking around, he noticed that there was no one else on the dirt road, and all the houses at the side of the road seemed pretty quiet. So where was it coming from? Dayneth weighed his options. Go home, and do chores in a boring afternoon, or follow the sounds, find out what was happening, and then resume the boring afternoon.

He followed the sounds.

- - - - - - - - - twenty minutes before…- - - - - - - -

I sat as still as I could, looking down at my lap in what I hoped was a calm expression, wondering if this man would tell me anything new that I didn’t already know. All the people I’d talked to had a strange habit of lying. How could I get the information I needed out of this one?

Corwin, the theoretician, had once been a member of the Manar Association. That was what had led me here, but now I wasn’t sure now if I was doing the right thing, to be here. The theoretician’s assistant was glaring at me suspiciously, and I hadn’t even said anything yet but to introduce myself as Kimi. Then again, that was when he had begun to tense and shoot me those weird looks. This was definitely a first. Usually I had to say more than ten words to tick somebody off. What was his problem?

The theoretician himself, however, seemed not to notice and poured some tea. I declined his offer of some of the drink and tried to remember what I’d heard about this theoretician. The people in the market had said that he was a bit reclusive. Yet right when I’d knocked on his door, he answered, and let her in almost automatically. How strange. I shrugged to myself. There were weirdoes wherever you went.

“Tell us why you came, Miss Ritsuko.â€