The Northern Dawns: Reviewer Replies and Preview

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And the Blue Moon before me,

Led me away,

While the gold of that morning,

Pleaded to stay…

- - - - - - - - -


Alright. To state it right now, if you haven’t been reading the author’s notes, I will be gone almost all summer. Gomen!! It will be for two months, from June 2 to probly around August 2. That means I won’t be able to update or post The Blue Moon, or anything else! The reason why I was getting out these chapters so quickly was so that I could finish The Northern Dawns before I left. Also, I have an email change. If you want to contact me, don’t email Instead, email me at , altho I doubt that I’ll be able to check it at all. ^^;;. If you email to stephc33, I won’t even receive it. The account will be closed in a month cuz of that stupid expiration policy! O_o Gah!!

When I get back, I will be posting Book Two called The Blue Moon. For a preview, look below.

And I’m just saying this now, I’m not sure yet, but if you want some more info on the Northern Dawns or the Blue Moon, go to my website (look in my bio for the link) and there will be character profiles, etc. there. Be sure to sign the guestbook! =D. Now, onto the replies!

- - - - - - - - - REPLIES - - - - - - - - - - -

Stained Moonlight: I know the last chapter was depressingly void of Yana, but here’s a Yana plushie for u to hug!! XD. And NO, she’s not gonna miraculously come back alive or something, lol. I know you’ve been affected too much by Yuu Watase but I haven’t!! XP

Azndreamer1788: Yup! After The Northern Dawns, there’s gonna be two more fics, I think (or just one). The Northern Dawns is NOT finished, so nobody has to worry! =D And wouldja look at that? There’s a preview of it below!

Etherealangel: *sigh* who knows if we’re ever gonna see Kennedy on the set again? I guess that means he’s gonna be almost all yours now =D we’ll see if the other reviewers will let you have your bishie Mrs. Akai!!

Insun88: -_-;; Everyone likes getting lazy about reviewing, don’t they? No matter! I luv everyone who reviews or not! *pulls crowd into group hug* ehe… ^^;;.

Aznchick: dang… out of all my reviewers… you’re gonna be the one I deal with most in the summer… ^^;;. Nope, if you’re gonna ask for a sneak peak before the other readers! *slap!* don’t pick up my papers! I haven’t even WRITTEN the first chapter yet!! Hehe… jk.

Fukuzatsu shojo: Seems like you’ve been yelling the past few chapters. Need water? ^_^.

Silverchocolate: heey…!!! Nice penname!! =D I luuuv chocolate!! Hmm… woaah have u rvwed before or somethin? Cuz there’s another one who reviewed a while a go named “silverangelâ€