Best Friends Forever: A Tribute to Mina

Her name is Mina
And she's my best friend--
In every way, it seems
She sets the trend.

As for her looks,
She's blonde over blue
(She highlights her hair,
But I didn't tell you!)

Emotionally, she might be
Your average teenage girl,
But she has a unique
Perception of this world.

To speak of the way
That Mina behaves,
She's polite, but I know how
She likes to rant and rave.

She can talk a mile a minute
And still go on for hours,
But never does she bore me
Or leave me feeling sour.

Another thing, I think,
That sets her apart
Is that everything she ever does
She does with all her heart.

She appears intimidating
With an expression cold and dim,
But those of us who know
Know she's anything but grim.

If there's one thing about her
That's plainly distinct,
It's probably her smarts and
Her ability to think.

Now if it's religion that
You want to talk about,
Mina is a Christian
And she's most devout.

Never does a foul word
Escape her any time,
Not like many others
Whose words aren't worth a dime.

Mina is obviously
A very cool girl--
No wonder all the boys think
She's out of this world!

Nevertheless, she's always kind
If you're not a hateful fool...
But if you're mean or blatantly rude,
She can suddenly be cruel.

I know this tendency
Out and inside,
For we did not always
See eye to eye.

I remember we met
Back in third grade,
Our relationship marred by
A mutual hate.

In fourth grade I left
In fifth back again;
There we "re-met" and
Became the best of friends.

There's no way to explain it,
Our personalities just clicked,
Our differences behind us,
And all disputes were licked.

I don't think that any particular event
That has happened since that time
Is mentionable here in the fully descript,
But all is collectively subject to rime:

Mina and I for two years straight
Sat together in the school cafe,
Where we'd get the chance to tell
The news of each new day.

Sometimes we'd get lucky, and
On a convenient weekend
We'd get to have a sleepover party
Every now and again.

Those memories, though simple,
Are most dear to me,
And will stay in my heart
For all eternity.

But my favorite memory?
It could not be said,
For all are preserved equally
In my heart and my head.

Although these times are passed
And we are not the same,
The bond of friendship we once created
Forever will remain.

Author's Notes: I wrote this for my [*cough hack choke*] creative writing teacher...she wanted us to write a two-page paper about a person with a whole number of requirements, all of which I have covered...she said "paper" and she never said that it couldn't necessarily be a poem. ^_^; I think I'll probably get into trouble for that, but we shall see.
As I read this one, I find that it sounds kind of forced...what can I say? I've wrote so much that week that my creative juices were exhausted! But anyway, I guess it's up to you as to whether or not you like it.

And yes, I'm fully aware of the fact that the rhythm changes from verse to verse. But do you know how difficult it is to write a 22-verse poem and keep the rhythm and message perfectly synchronized throughout the entire thing? You can probably imagine. I'm not a genius poet in every way, sorry. ^_^;

Some explanations of word choice:
Verse 16, Line 4--"licked"--intended meaning "overcame" (passive form, I think?...oh, I dunno)
Verse 17, Line 4--"rime"--Scottish origins, means something pertaining to "verse" as of poetry...but I used it as a verb to prove a point. Well. Sort of.