A/N: Just another little poem written during some boring lesson in school. It was inspired by some ficlet I read about Viggo Mortensen (playing "Aragorn" in "The Lord of the Rings"). A beloved person is sleeping….

Please r/r!!!

Am I dreaming?

A soft kiss,

Placed on a gentle shoulder.

Slightly he is stirring,

A slender finger twitches in the cool moonlight.

I must smile.

An audible breath escapes his parted lips,

Almost a sigh.

Does he dream?

Long lashes lay against pale skin,

Dark hair plays with his head.

Quietly he rests,

An image of peace.

Brows arch gracefully over closed eyes,

The gray depths are hidden,

Soft gazes linger in distant dreams.

I watch his lips,

Remembering their taste under mine.

'May I kiss you?' I want to ask,

Yet I do not disturb him.

He looks like an angel,

Fallen from heaven into my room.

Am I dreaming?

A/N: Oh, well, if someone wants to read the original fic (it's a slash one (rps), by the way), go to:  http://tandq.com/LOTR/index2.html  (I took one line of the poem out of it, but I hope that Jo – the author – won't mind) And, yes, my poem should not be slash, but if you want, you can interpret it that way.