Dust Bunnies

I have a thousand pets,
And you may find it funny--
I have a thousand pets,
And they are all dust bunnies!

They live under my bed,
Growing larger every day--
My mama, how she tries
To sweep them all away!

But I keep them alive,
I make sure they're okay,
Though half the time I'm unaware,
I feed them every day:

When I open a window,
Sometimes a door,
To let the light in,
I find powdery spores!

They collect on my rodential friends,
And they grow up more and more;
Someday I will conquer the world
With an army of dust dinosaurs!

Author's Notes: I think I have a fetish for rabbits in humor. I don't know why. *laughs* (see Trojan Bunny) It's creepy, actually. This is just another one of my silly poems of immense ridiculosity...(which is my own personal word)...so tell me what you thought of my latest world domination scheme. >:^)>
(btw, that's a smile with a goatee.)