Two Personal Views On 9/11

I. To sketch words and not
Make it forced or Every-day-now
To write, from the shivering
Peak of sickness and fever, to
Be cold--and in love--With the World
Self-styled or mass produced,
It tastes late-Summer and autumn-blue
And there are faint, curled lingering
Traces of cigar smoke--
Oh, to go out with Killing Jar and tap
Up moments in a shadow box...
"I was wearing Blue--
Only dark blue" just the
Moment before, when an outfit
Was just that, and love meant
Something else.

II. Let the sky remain
For an instant
And love is--the flickering
Second before They fall, the look
On his face as his Press Secretary
Leans over and whispers
"We have a Problem, sir"
Tho' self-styled, admittedly,
Love is all that there is, which
Is a mass-produced statement--
Of course.
But when all is ash and the sky
Could hang a portrait around
A half-inch
(In its huge scale)
of something--wrong, when Mayor and President
Former-President and high-school children suddenly
Stand on
Nothing, then
Love IS all there is, a rope-walk
Over Niagara Falls--a frayed rope, hoisting
A flag.

"...something wrong..."
A lunch table concerned,
Silently and completely aware...

In love with the World.