A/N: Hello again people, my brother wrote this poem and I find it to be very true, and I fell in love with this, so I thought it would be an awesome poem to share with all of you, yes, it may not be to your likings, but if you find it to be wrong, don't read it. Anyway, if you feel that it portraits the true aspects of life, review!

Depression is such beautiful strife, What brings me down, gives me life, I fester in this pain I feel, It almost seems like I were real, You do not know who I am inside, You cannot fathom, that in which I confide, I am the one that they all fear, They THINK I'm odd, they KNOW I'm queer, They scour my soul in burning hell, I stand alone, inside my shell, Hurting seems the only way, It's all MY fault, I have to pay, I drag the knife along my skin, Then force it down, deep within, The blood drips down like scarlet rain, It helps to feel the needed pain, While inside MY WHOLE BODY SCREAMS, Yet I wait for the night, and its tormented dreams.