Garden of Fire (Forget)

Why do I nurture
these last dying embers,
and why must I constantly
stop to remember
the pain you have dealt
without even knowing?
I only wonder, heartfelt,
just why I am sowing
these seeds of regret
that blossom in spring
into dramatic blue forget-
me-nots, and believe me,
I won't.

Author's Notes: Written at a ridiculous hour of the night, which can account for the strange transition from fire to plants. ^_^;
The end is a play on words--if you didn't notice, I used name of the flower forget-me-not, and the last line is meant to mean that I won't forget (or in essence, I will forget-you-not, kinda, I dunno). *shrug* Nothing much, but I thought I'd clarify just in case. Thanks for reading--tell me what you thought. =) Thanks for taking the time! ~Mistress Jakira