Look at my arms,
How they want to hold you;
Look at my lips,
How they want to scold you
For making me lie here
Awake every night
Awaiting the day when
Your arms hold me tight.

Look at my hands,
How they want to hit you;
Look at my lips,
How they want to kiss you
Because of the way I
Can never doubt you,
And the undeniable fact that I
Can't live without you.

Look in my eyes,
And you'll finally see
What you have done,
What you mean to me,
Why I'm here writing
This stupid poetry,
Instead of in dream land,
Which is where I should be.

Author's Notes: Another midnight poem, here I was infuriated that I couldn't get to sleep because of someone on my mind--thoughts of whom had/has been tormenting me for months on end, almost nonstop. So this is what happened, and I'm not too disappointed with it. =) But I still hate the motivation behind it. ...ah well. Thanks for reading--it means a lot to me. ~MJ