Save Me

I don't know how much longer I'm gonna last--
This heartache is wearing me down;
I can no longer account for my mental state--
It's always shifting around.

I can't even bring myself to believe
How much I still want you here
Yes, I know you're gone (I'm gone, can't you see?)
But still I long for the times you were near.

I miss everyone,
But I want you the most,
Your memory comes
To haunt me like a ghost.

Night after night
I have dreamy nightmares;
I love to see you, but
When I wake up, I'm scared.

I'm afraid of myself,
Afraid of you,
Afraid of my heart and
The things it wants to do.

I'm shocked and I'm scared,
I'm lonesome and cold,
I long for your voice,
All the lies that you told.

I miss your eyes
So soft in their brown,
I miss how you made me
Laugh when I frowned.

You can't blame me for
Succumbing to your charm--
How could I have known that it
Would do me so much harm?

I don't know how you managed to trick
This heart so full of stealth,
But now you are the only one
Who can save me from myself.

Author's Notes: I don't really know. This is just one of the elements in my midnight-poetry series. I felt as though I was going to die, though, I can tell you that much (although I'm sure you've made that inference already). And the person who put me in the pain seemed to be the only one who could save me from it...I hope it's not too cliche. =) You be the judge--positive, negative, whatever kind of feedback you have is accepted and appreciated (but please no profanity, lol). Thanks for taking the time to read my work, I'm so grateful. ^_^ ~MJ