A World Without You

A world without you is
A world without sorrow,
But at the same time a place
With no hope for tomorrow.

A world without you is
A sad place indeed,
But still it would be a place
I could be freed

To do as I please with
No heartbreak, no pain
A place where there is neither
Sunshine nor rain,

Where nothing is happy
And nothing is not,
Where there is no cold,
Where there is no hot...

But without all the longing
And without all the hurt,
Without all the heartache that
Beats you to the dirt,

There can be no love,
There can be no affection,
Nothing that whereupon
Further inspection

Would turn up with something
That means anything
For all is the same, and
All life can bring

Is a feeling of dullness,
Always contented
With nothing at all
Just hearts all relented...

Softened to the point
Where there is no passion,
For life nor for love and
Emotions are rationed,

Our souls become blank
And our lives even blanker
Could not the world e'er
Become any danker?

A world without you is
A world without sorrow;
A place in which there is
No hope for tomorrow,

A place where to me
You could never give
Your sweet passion for life
That inspires me to live.

Author's Notes: Actually it's a description of how melancholy everything seems to feel without, well...you get the idea, and I don't want to be a pity-party here, so I'll just assume you know what I'm talking about. I kinda went on and on with this one, I realize, but it all seemed necessary at the time. Hopefully it's applicable to almost anyone in the same situation, perhaps with the exclusion of the last verse (which has to do with a particular person). Thanks for reading, hope you liked! ~MJ