Displaced Europeans

Crossing the Thames
On the way to the sea
Crossing the Rhine
Where they run to meet
That look of displacement
Begins even now
The West-tilting World;
It turns and slants down

And the West carries over
We all: and we are
The sky fills up early
With a space for a star
From Dublin, from Dresden
We must still believe
That the Western-Light Guiding
We are still, if it leaves

So we form all opinions
Based on one turn behind
And it all flashes darkly
In front of our eyes
A New Yorker is Irish
Or a German ascent for
If we turn out being neither
Then nothing is meant

The soldier, the farmer
The Western-most course
And at countless harbors the
Ships, lying moored
We tell ourselves not to
And then we are weak
Do not look behind you,
Take care as you speak

So have your displacement
Each same-seeing Man
Realizing it takes from
Where we began
A name comes from Someplace
The color of eyes
The shape of your Face
Washed of all lies

The horizon works that way
Both West and the East
We go back each evening
To that starry Beneath
When the Sky held in wonder
Of being Filled to the brim
We took boats from London,
From Belfast, Berlin

And here we arrived
As the Dawn was just breaking
Unaware that tomorrow;
We slowly were shaping
So forget and forget!
A Psalm passed thru' Time
But that quiet Remember
In a Displaced frame of mind