What can I say...? I was feeling really down and sad for no reason,
and I wanted to cry...(so I was about to watch Eps. 47/48 of
IY...*sniffle*), but I really felt like writing something...so
this came out...I don't think it's any good, but it just made
me feel better, getting (some) of my feelings out...hmph, who
woulda thought I would write poetry....(definitely not me)

"Internal Sorrow"
What is this sadness I feel?
This sorrow gnawing at my soul?
It makes me cry at things unreal
These nightmares have taken their toll
I long for happiness and love
I want to be cherished and praised
Some think that I'm from the 'Above'
They always expect me to get straight A's
But, alas, I am not perfect,
Unlike what they prefer to think
I'm just a girl in this big world,
I'm just trying not to sink.
I've done so many things wrong,
I've been punished for them all,
And I've been trying to play along.
I've been trying not to fall.
To myself, I am nothing.
To myself, I am the worst.
Alone and lonely,
I pray for the day,
When someone will save me from my fears...