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FROM THE LAST PART: "I told you, I'm Wiccan, and so are you Gabrielle." I'm suddenly thrown into a memory of my early childhood, before I lived with my present parents, one I had forgotten about many years earlier.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I find myself in the fair-sized room split in half, half with walls of varying greens and blues and half with mixed reds and yellows. I am sitting on a bed made of two mattresses, tucked in the corner of the room under a sloping ceiling, with the end of the bed under an open window and fluttering curtains that match the green and blue walls. An aqua comforter and some pillows are covering the bed I'm sitting on. In the red side of the room I see the exact same thing using the red, yellow and orange colors of the walls. I'm holding a picture book but looking out the window to a huge lot of 25 aches. I see a young boy only a couple of years older than me playing in the grass. I put down the book and run downstairs. Running through the hall I smell my mother cooking my favourite dish: onion soup. I run past her and into the mudroom on the side of the house.
"Gabrielle, where are you going? Have you read that book yet?" my mother asks as she walks into the room. I'm in the middle of putting on my shoes to join the boy in his frolicking.
"Can I take a little break from reading that book? I wanted to go play outside with Darien when it's still light out," I say.
"Okay, but you have to finish that book later tonight then,"
"Okay mommy."
I finish putting my shoes on and run outside to play with Darien. I get outside and see horses run free in the paddocks and a little boy playing with three dogs.
"Darien!" I cry. The boy stops his tumbling, looks up and then looks around for the source of his name. As soon as he spots me he jumps up and comes running towards me. I scream and giggle, running away from him because he's the 'boogieman' trying to catch me. But he's just too fast for me. He pounces on me, tickling me as he brings me to the ground. I burst into a fit of laughter. Soon my faithful dog Gem comes to rescue me by attacking Darien. The other two dogs walk up to the fray and sit down, apparently very amused. I stop laughing and sit up but start giggling again when I see my poor brother trying to get my puppy off him.
"Gabs! Get your dog off me!" Darien says laughing from the little pup's paws in his face. I stop giggling and stand up.
"Gem, heel girl!" I say forcefully. Gem stops her attack and comes bounding over to me. "Good girl." I say while patting her head.
"Darien, bring Gabrielle in to wash up for dinner." my mother yells from the front porch.
"Okay mother." he yells back. He turns around to tell me we have to go in and finds no one there. "Gabs??"
"Hurry up Darien or there won't be any soup left for you!" I yell from the front porch. He comes running up to the porch and we both walk to the kitchen talking.
"What was the big idea disappearing on me?"
"We're having my favourite dinner, onion soup. I already washed my hands so you better hurry up and wash yours..." I say quickly and then get interrupted.
"What are you hiding Gabs? How did you get to the porch so fast?" Darien says in a demanding tone and stops walking. For a five year old he's pretty good at figuring out I'm hiding something from him. I stop and look at him.
"Umm... I kind of... teleported myself there," I say slowly then begin talking faster then light, "Please, please, please don't tell mommy! I didn't mean to, I just imagined that I was already on the porch and then suddenly I was there."
"Okay Gabs, I won't tell... this time. Just don't do it again okay?"
"Yeah, okay Darien." ...


END NOTE: This is the entire memory. The story will continue again in the present for the next part. Thank you all again for reading, it's always nice to know people are out there somewhere. ^.^ As always, flames will be read, then laughed at, if there are any good reviews saying that I should keep writing. Bye now.

Night Hawk

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