Welcome to the Graveyard

Welcome to the graveyard
A place so dark and cold
A haven for the prison cells of
Since departed souls.

A place of sorrow for the living
Their being sour; tart
Slaves of earthly human minds
Prisoners of the heart.

They come to grieve their parted friends
Or the bodies that once imprisoned them
But it is the dead who should grieve the live
For it is theirs whose true colors are dyed.

They who are doomed to walk the Earth
Until the time of their rebirth
Theirs are faces set in stone
Theirs are sad wishes built upon flesh and bone.

Welcome to the graveyard
A place so sad and old.
Welcome to the graveyard full
Of stories yet untold.

Author's Notes: I was really depressed one summer night in Florida...so I went outside with my little notebook and [painstakingly] wrote a dark poem by the moonlight. And believe me, it was difficult--the moon doesn't give off half as much light as the sun, especially when your huge house is blocking its light from reaching you...*erhem* Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you liked it. ^_^ ~MJ