Three friends meet to discuss two
things--comic-books and sex.Dialogue only.

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Content Rated: R
Type: Static Item: Fiction
Genre(s): Drama, Erotica, Romance/Love

"Hey.Have you ever checked out a book entitled 'The
Encyclopedia Of Super-Villains'?"

"Sure had.You need it for something?"

"I need it to look up a portenional bad guy for my fan
fiction story."


"What's gotten into you,Marvin?"

"The only answer that I could give is this.Comic-books
had ruined my sex life!"

"Excuse me?"

"That's right!I'm not kidding!"

"When did that happen?"

"It had happened over a month ago.Nancy and I were
playing these sex games based on characters in
comic-books.I was the Green Arrow--and she was the
Black Canary."

"Wait-a-minute.You're telling us that you and Nancy
were getting turned on just by dressing up in
superhero costumes?"

"And believe me,the sex was so fantastic.I mean,we've
fucked our brains out until three in the morning."

"Excuse me,Marvin.But,didn't you tell us that
comic-books had ruined your sex life?"

"I actually did.On the fourth Friday of that
month,I've came home early,in order to surprise my
little pretty-bird."

"Something tells me that you were the one who was

"Shocked was more like it,Scott.As soon as I've
entered our apartment,I've some moaning and groaning
going on in our bedroom."

"So,what happened when you've opened the bedroom

"I've found some asshole dressed--as the
Vision--fucking the daylights out of that cheating
bitch--who was dressed as the Scarlet Witch!"

"Whoa!That was a real surprise."

"That's only the half of it.I was so angry at the
bitch,that I've demanded that she pack up her bags and
get the fuck out of my apartment."

"What about the other guy?"

"That question's easy to answer.While I was arguing
with that cape-wearing whore,the son-of-a-bitch had
picked up his cape and gotten his ass out of there!"

"And what had happened to Nancy?"

"After I was through shooting my mouth off at the
bitch,she had finally packed her bags and left me."

"Are you going to be okay,Marvin?"

"Oh,yeah.I'll be fine.However,if that stinking asswipe
in the Vision costume shows his ugly ass again,I am
really going to shove a shotgun into that ass and pull
the triger!"

"That'll really be nasty."

"Whoops!Look at the time.I've got a meeting to go
today.Investors from Japan after coming over to
inspect our new line of hand-held video-games.See you

"Have a nice day,Marvin!"

"Is he gone?"

"Yes,David.He's gone.You could put the Plain Dealer
down now."

"Thank you,God."

"Just answer me this one question.What the fucking
hell have you done to set Marvin off like that?"

"Would you believe me,if I were to tell you that I was
the one in the Vision costume?"


"Nancy and I were old high-school chums.That one
Friday,we've bumped into each other.One thing had led
to another.And the next thing we knew,we were reliving
old times."

"You mean that the both of you were...?"


"Oh,man.The three of you are in need of serious
help.You know that?"

"Well,it's too late to patch things up now."

"However,there is one way out of this whole mess."

"And that is?"

"Chuck that costume--as in the whole
kit-and-kabootle--right into Lake Erie and get on with
living a normal life."

"You want to know something,Scott?That's a very good
idea.I'm going home right now--and get that costume
out of the closet,so that I could slam it right into
the drink.I'll see you later."

"So long,David.And good luck!"

"Would you like a Pepsi refill,sir?"

"No thanks.Just the check,please."

"Of course.Oh,and thanks for that little
help-out,Scott.Now,I'll be sure that Marvin will take
me back."

"No problem,Nancy.And I hereby personally wish you two
the best of luck."