1 Youkai Kasoushakai

Chapter One: The Mark of the Phantom.

This is an original anime/manga. This is my first time writing an original, although I've written before. I hope you like this. Please give me feed back.


In the shadows of an old building a man sat. He was old and wither beaten from many years of working in the sun. He had on a pair of pitch back glasses over sightless eyes. Low mournful sounds wined from his harmonica. The cup beside him was only half full when a young woman walked up. He recognized her footsteps. She worked just down the street. The old musician heard the clink of change hitting the bottom of his cup.

"What would you like the hear today, Missy?" he asked his young costumer.

"Tell me the one about *Youkai Kasoushakai, old man." her voice was hard. The old man often thought she must have seen to many things in her life to be soft. But he reasoned that that was how the world was. No one stayed young for long.

"You want to hear that old one? You must have heard it a hundred times--"

"Just tell the story." Her voice was sharp.

The old man just shook his head and played a soft tune. His voice took on a low almost chanting quality as he began his story.....

" They say there’s a Phantom in the old district outside of town known as the underworld , Youkai Kasoushakai, Phantom of the Underworld....The legends say she can mark a man from birth. She'll take his soul no matter what he does. Youkai Kasoushakai rides a black winded panther with her long mid-night hair streaming out behind her. She's the very angel of death , she is.....

"Is he sleeping soundly,* aisai?"

"Yes, I think so Kanae." The woman's voice revealed how tired she was. Her eyes were red rimed from the many nights she had spent at her infant sons side.

"So you think we should have given him that pendent? I mean he could strangle himself with it?" Kanae's wrapped his arms around his wife's shoulders. He was worried about her.

"It was in my mothers will. We were to give Sange the pendent when he was nine weeks old. Mother wouldn't have asked for something that would hurt the baby." She leaned back against her husband. It felt so good to be held. To be comforted instead of comforting someone else. She felt her husband kiss her neck softly. She smiled. It had been a long time since they had time to fulfill their own needs.

"Are very tired ,*aisai?" Kanae asked softly in her ear.


A small infant lay quietly sleeping in the softly lite room. Around his neck dangled a dark blue stone with a feather made of black opal in the middle. It seemed to emit a glow of it's own.

From the shadows stepped a dark clothed figure. Mid-night hair hung down to mid-thigh. The phantom-like woman reached forward a caressed the baby's cheek.

"So you have wear the mark do you , *eiji ?" Her voice was soft and un- human. Like a gentle breeze. Her fingers touched the pendent and the glow became brighter. The infant opened its eyes at the blue light shining into its face.

"Ah, you are awake? Do you yet know your fate?" The woman asked the small child.

"No, I suppose not." Her smirk was almost a grimace. "I hear your mother and father starting to have their fun...Why don't you show what a *dakiguse you are?" She reached again for the pendent, this time the baby started to cry. It was a small mew at first but soon it was a wail. The phantom smiled as the two young parents rushed in to the room half clothed. The evidence of their passion showing on their disgruntle faces.

A shadow-like form waited for her in the shadows of the room. A huge beast with wings held close to it's back.

"What do you think ,burakkupansaa? Have we caused enough trouble for a night?" The beast just purred against her hand as she stroked his head.

"Yes I think we have. Let us go. There is much to do and the shadow grows short."


The old man felt a hand on his shoulder. He let the last note from the harmanica slide away into the night. He could since that she was impatient.

"The rest will have to wait. It's getting dark and these streets aren't kind to anyone. Even blind beggars can fill its sting." Her voice held that hard edge that seemed to always be present. He took the hand that she offered him. He could hear the sound of a passing car as she pulled him up.

"You had better heed your own words missy." He told her as she walked away.

"Don't waste your time with me, old man. I know what these streets are."

The old man listened till he could hear no more of her retreating steps. Then he too made his way home.


Hi Minna-san!! I hope you liked this first chapter!! I'll be adding more as I write. But it kinda depends on if people like it or not. Oh and the Japanese words used in the fic mean...

burakkupansaa = Black Panther

Youkai Kasoushakai = Phantom of the Underworld

aisai = beloved wife

eiji = infant

dakiguse = baby which is unhappy unless held