Youkai Kasoushakai

This is an original anime/manga. This is my first time writing an original, although I've written before. I hope you like this. Please give me feed back.

The air was heavy with fog. The old man could feel its weight pulling on his shoulders, causing their stoop to be more pronounced.

'She hasn't been by in a few days, and she sounded hurt last time.' He brought a hand up to rub his blinded eyes. He drew in an unsteady breath and cursed at the suffocating fog.

From somewhere down the street a fight broke out. The old man listened to the sounds of the angry voices intently. Gang violence had been on the rise lately and he would hate to be caught between rival factions.

"Don't worry old man, just some wife-beater getting his due." She spoke from behind him. The old man flinched in surprise.

"Where did you come from Missy?" No one had snuck up on him for almost 20 years. That's what had kept him alive.

"You weren't paying attention. But that's okay" she dropped a hand full of coin into his cup. Its rattle almost took his mind off of his own lack of attention.

"So do you want to hear the rest of it missy?" he asked.


He sighed," Please don't be minding that I don't play the opening, this fog makes it hard on old lungs to pull that much breath."

"I don't care." He could since her as she leaned against the wall of the building behind him.

He started his story..

"Do you know the why of the mark? Phantoms can only be for a hundred years, they will disappear. So mark one they do, then make sure he is indifferent to death. But the marked one must have a the pendent can be passed on.All Youkai Kasoushakai was waiting on was that heir.


Sange looked into the purple eyes of the woman he was dancing with.

"Ayame Gyoukou.Iris.and a glorious dawn." he spoke softly in her ear.

"What are you talking about?" he could see the twinkle in her eyes. Ayame was so.Sange didn't know how to describe her.innocent? No, no one that dressed like she did could be called that. His eyes drifted over her tight black shirt, what he could see of it with their bodies so closely pressed together, it was mostly sheer with just enough lineing to let you know what you were missing.

No he wouldn't say she was innocent.but fresh maybe? Like the pain of this world wasn't weighing her down. Like she

"San-ge?" she asked in a singsong voice.

"What?" Sange leaned over to glaze her neck with his lips.

"What were you talking about?" she pressed while leaning her head down so he would have better access to the exposed flesh.

"That's what your name means, silly girl." His caresses were getting more demanding as his hands and lips explored her soft flesh.

"Oh? And what does yours mean?" Ayame too was letting her hands roam freely, driving him slowly mad with their slow teasing touch.

'No.not innocent at all'

" means something like dying a glorious death like the flowers do.It's an omen don't you think? Both of our names having to do with flowers?" It she touched him like that again he would end up dying, and told her so with a moan.

"Is that so?" Ayame smirked, but didn't stop. He grabbed her wayward hand.

"Ayame, don't open the door if your not going to step inside." His voice was serious. Normally he would have just taken the girl, but somehow that didn't seem right this time.

"Oh, I believe I know what's behind the door. And I want what's behind."


Youkai Kasoushakai stood in the shadows over the rumpled bed. She looked it over in distaste.

'Stupid mortals and their folly.' But she really didn't mind this one that much. This was her means to an end. One of the figures upon the bed rolled over. Nude shoulders exposed from under a flimsy sheet. The Youkai smirked as she moved closer. It should be an easy thing to feel for the new life she hoped was swimming in the young woman's body.

She stretched out a plain as new snow hand and pressed it to the flat sheet covered stomach. Ayame shivered at the cold feeling and cried out in her slumber. Youkai Kasoushakai sneered at the cry and pressed her hand more firmly to the now thrashing girl.

Her struggling awakened her lover beside her in the bed. Sange reached over to comfort the frantic girl but found he could not touch her.

"I'll let you have her back in a moment, eiji, but for the moment she's mine." He recognized the dark shadow standing over his bed.

"What-What do you want?" He forced himself to ask. Her laugh sent shivers down his exposed spin.

"Nothing.yet.but soon you will pay your due to me." She removed her icy palm from the girls middle with a satisfied smile. Ayame slumped down in the bed and for a moment Sange feared she was dead.

"No, you will find that she is unharmed. Make sure you keep her and the little one safe." Her eyes gleamed in an unholy light and the Youkai leaned for ward over the bed and caressed Sange's face. He could feel the life draining from his body as her death like touch.

"Don't forget your mine." She whispered in his ear. Sange struggled to move away from her but his body was paralyzed it seemed from her touch. Youkai Kasoushakai trailed her finger down his warm bare chest and lifted up his pendent. Sange closed his eyes to the blinding blue light it emitted when she touched it.

Slowly he opened them again to find her gone. Ayame sobbed quietly beside him. All Sange could do was gather his young lover into his arms. She would have questions, and he had no answers.


"Would you like me to stop here missy?" the blind man had heard her moving around restlessly for some time now.

"No old man, keep going. It's only that I know the end is near." She sounded like she spoke of more than just the story's soon coming ending.

"That it is missy, that it is."


Sange looked at the woman beside him as she struggled to walk down the stairs. Ayame was due in a month and she was very big with his child.

"Don't you laugh at me.this is all your fault anyway." Her breath came in short gasps and although her words were sharp there was no heat behind them.

"I'm not laughing at you. It's just amazing that you can even walk at all, seeing how much you just ate at the Purple Planet." He teased. These last few months with her had been his best. No nightmares of the past or visits by ghost. He was beginning to think that even Youkai Kasoushakai had been a bad dream. But there was something in the air that night, something that filled his with foreboding.

"Sange, you're frowning." Ayame told him softly. She didn't mention that he had almost walked past the apartment they both shared.

"Oh, sorry. Just worried about.things.the baby." He spoke as he quickly un- locked the door for her.

"You're a terrible liar. But I'll let you slide if you'll give me a back rub." Ayame smiled up at him with mischief filled eyes.

"Why of course m'lady. You lead the way to the bed room."

In the darkness of the hall a figure separated from the shadows.

"I can't possible end this poor fellows life." Youkai Kasoushakai said. " So I'll release him of my mark."


".and Sange and Ayame lived happily. The End." The old man finished in a rush.

"That's not the way it ends old man." Came the emotionless voice from behind him.

"That's how it ended when you were a child."

"The True ending old man." She came to crouch beside him.

"But missy-"

"Now." Her voice was quiet but he knew she still meant business.

"It can't be a good omen be telling this story missy. And telling the True Ending is even worse." But never the less, he complied.


In the darkness of the hall a figure separated from the shadows.

"It's time to call for my due. Do you think he's ready to pay the price?" Youkai Kasoushakai asked her ever-faithful winged panther. Burakkupansaa's eyes gleamed yellow from the darkness.

"Come, we only have to wait a little longer.Just as the sun sends the shadows fleeing."


Sange slept restlessly beside his pregnant lover. Dreams filled his sleep with unsettling images of the past and chilling tidings for the future. Cold sweat poured off him as he sat up in bed.

With shaking fingers he cupped his face.

'I thought the nightmare was over. Why come back know?' he asked whatever deity would hear.

'The nightmare of humanity is never over. It just keeps repeating, eiji. You should have known that." She was beside his bedside when he slowly looked up.

"What do you want?" he asked wearily.

"To call forth my due. I'm very tired now and my time is short." Her voice was as soft as a mid-night breezy, but wasn't comforting at all.

"I don't understand what you're talking about. Can't you leave off with the damn rhymes?" He swore at her.

"I have desided to give you a quick painless passing, for the child's sake. I would hate for your first victim to be your own baby." She ignored his questions, and when he met her eyes he found a strange sort of pity in their un-human depths.

"Listen well eiji. For neither you nor I have much time. You must take off your pendent and leave it for your lover. She must give the pendent to your son. It is the only way you will have peace in the end."

"I'm not taking it off. And I want to know what the hell you're talking about?!" His voice rose to almost a shout and Ayame stirred in her sleep.

"Take it off you must. And you know, in your heart you have always known, that this moment would come. You know what I am, and what you will become." She almost looked sad now. As if the closer it came to the dawn the more of her human emotions of sympathy came back.

Sange was quiet for a long time. Then he looked at her with resighened eyes.

"I know what must happen to me. But I will not let this pendent pass to my child!" He clutched it tightly to his chest with an unsteady hand.

The Youkai made no comment as she came closer and sat down on the bed.

"Say your good byes then, eiji." She commanded him with a wave of her hand.

With tears in his eyes Sange leaned over to kiss Ayame one last time.

He could feel a cold hand pressed to his back and Sange found that sitting up was a struggle. His eyes began to drift shut but he fought hard at the darkness that reached for him.


Youkai Kasoushakai watched as the last bit of life flowed from his body and felt her own weakening fast. A bitter smile was upon her lips as she did her last deed against Sange. With hands that were quickly becoming transparent she pulled the pendent from about his neck and placed it in Ayame's cupped hands.

With the last of her essence she sent the girl a dream of Sange asking the pendent to be given to the babe.

"My work is done."


"And that is as they say the end, but also the beginning." The old man said. They both sat in silents for a moment.

"Do you know my name old man?" she asked suddenly.

"No missy, I don't believe I do.but why?"

"Kimmiko Gyoukou." Silence again held them in her hand.

"Is that why you like this story?" He asked hesitantly.

"No old man. I hate this story. But this is why I must hear it." She pressed a small object into his old misshapen hands. It was cold to the touch a circular. With his sensitive fingers he felt for the feather he already knew would be there.

"So they are selling jewelry now for the story?" but his voice was shaking as if to belie his words.

"I want to break the curse."

AN: Strange place to be ending a fic huh? Well, it's over. Think of it as a very confusing anime OAV. And like OAV's.there just might be a sequel waiting in the wings.but it will have to wait for later.My muse is over worked and threatening to go on strike.

Thanks for all those that read it and liked it. Beware of shadows.