A Mosaic Of Power

A mosaic of power
In the Human Belief
Dictators and Despots
Who feed off on Grief
The strength in our Paradox
The Paramount Guise
Death of Indulgence
And Blossoms of Pride

Irish and German
And Anglo direction
Who can be blamed
For altered perceptions?
We all view on Power and
Background of Thought
The Diocese waging
This War being Fought

Look back thru' the Past
For it may let you see
The Places of Power...
And where they may be
Preachers or Priests
Northern or South
It has Functioned forever
And gives way to Doubt

The play of the Worlds
On those who Confirm
The Power in Practice
Of what we have Learned
Children form biases
And Carry tradition
The Youngest of Us
With at least, recognition

And the dark half of
We that few dare Defend
Burns who forewarned us
That some may intent
Dictators, Cardinals and
All who Mean well
But the Heart of Humanity
Is hard to foretell