Children, Weathermen, and Politicians

Children are most disappointed
When the Weathermen are
Wrong, all they wait, all they
Wait, but Weathermen can
Not be expected to sustain
Empty slates
All the time

And the children do not realized
When politicians lie--which, going
Against the prevalent
Notion, is often--but not unwelcome...
To lead men you
Must be as such, not as
A child

Politicians and Weathermen
Deal together, out of brand-new decks
With Double Jokers, and the
Instruction Booklet--the politician recycles the
Cellophane after the Weatherman merely
Tosses it away, but the Child
Collects the coins.

And the Weatherman chooses
Which flavor drink as the Politician
Lies, welcome and such,
Waiting for his airtime and planning
How many mistakes to make,
Missing a few unplanned
Noticing the Politician and smiling
For the Children

While the rest of us, too old to
Be children, too accurate to
Be Weatherman, too honest
For Politicians, shake our Knowledgeable
Heads at the Three, recycle Newspapers,
Turn off the Forecast or tell the
Children to Go Inside

And how long has it been
Since the Rest of Us made
A Miscalculation on the Focus of Life--
Enough to Curse the Scapegoats--
Enough to feel as Neither, Not to Learn
But it is all the same, You Know
All the same
No matter if the world is Above
Behind, or In