As He Sees It

It all depends on what he
Perceives, a blank-or-worded
Piece of paper, as he sees it
As a Triumph, as he sees it
As an Opportunity--missed as
He sees it, all how he sees it
And for any Acknowledgement
Of gains-or-losses
Comes on Whether he
Appreciates a piece of blank-or-worded

Every-time, all and always
Can mean the same or different,
Pending on Who is asked,
And all to ask him, again
How he perceives a two-headed
God or gate, and what it means
If it means
If it means or does not at all
Account for how he allows it
To be Understood
If it is Understood

And the field is Narrow--
Both fields--or either--narrow--
A Periscope-view of
Butterflies landing and
Sweeping over Grasses, but still
Narrow, as he sees it--
And there is a warming sense
In Narrowness, something Less
Is something, and less is
Safe, as he sees it, so he sees the
Butterflies, blue or red
Or yellow
Or white,
And depending on his
He decides their Assigned Relevance, as he sees it
Honors, as honors and medals and Pride,
As he sees it

--As he sees it
Is suitable.--

Quite suitable, simply as seeing it
With more than he sees it goes
Beyond what Expectations
Allow him to believe,
Allow him to see---how he
Sees it,
And all that Wins or Loses
Gains, Triumphs, Misses--
Win or Lose or Gain all in
Someone else, and he is, of course...that is,
Someone as He. As him.
Rare to find someone who is as he,
And as he sees it really is--
How it Appears because it is rare to find
Anyone who will even
At all

As he sees it becomes what it is
And what it is becomes
What it was from the very Beginning--
And how he sees it
Makes it
As it is.
That is---