Coping with our sorrow:
Something all of us must do;
Some wallow, become heavy-hearted,
And some start their whole lives anew.

Some hide it all in laughter,
Some drown it in their tears;
Some people let it break their dreams
And magnify their fears.

Some people find a trusted friend
To talk to when in need;
Some would rather salt their wounds
And leave them bare to bleed.

Some people act too happy,
Some people act depressed;
Some people like to go to sleep
And give their souls a rest.

It doesn't matter what you do,
Scream or laugh or cry--
Whatever works to help you through,
Whatever gets you by.

Author's Notes: A fickle midnight thought, I do believe this started out as...self-explanatory, nothing much else to say. Hope you liked! ~MJ