I have a noodle up my nose
It's really really yucky
I have a noodle up my nose
It's really really stucky
It feels like a slippy slidy little
Yellow rubber ducky!

I would say you couldn't say
That I am not unlucky
I'd also say that you could say
My luck is really sucky
Cause it is…

Now why on earth am I telling you this?
If you please, mind your own biz!

Author's Notes: My two siblings and I were sitting at the table and we started rhyming sentences/phrases that appear in this poem--I had this noodle uncomfortably stuck in my mouth up my nasal passage (don't you HATE when that happens?! ugh lol) and they thought it was positively hysterical. I wrote it down and added to it in about five seconds after dinner. *laughs* Actually I regard it as completely ridiculous, but hey, why not post it anyway? The wonderful anonymity of the Internet. *sigh* LOL...thanks for taking the time to read my random ridiculosity. ~MJ ^_^