Hero (When I Grow Up…)

The very first day when I grow up
I'm gonna be an astronaut
And fly above the stars;
I'll fight bad guys and sing on a stage,
Climb to the top of a tiger's cage,
I'll sleep on the clouds and touch the sky,
Be the very first person to jump ten feet high.
I'll be the hero and fight for the law,
Drop the world's crime rate in no time at all,
Fix Humpty Dumpty, climb China's Great Wall,
Save children from fires and return without flaw.

I've always been told, supposedly,
The greatest hero of all is the one who can see
The goodness in people and is there through it all
But who's Superman if he can't do it all?

Author's Notes: This was written later on the same morning I wrote "The Funniest Thing" (also posted). Very different subject matter, heavily influenced by excessive reading of Shel Silverstein (all of Where the Sidewalk Ends in one sitting, perhaps? ^_~). The point at the end, if unclear, is that there is probably no normal, everyday kid in this world who wants to be a hero in the romanticized sense of the word--they all want to be like...you know, Superman, a superhero with super powers. I know that I don't remember in my younger years ever wanting to become the hero by being a wonderful and insightful person...now I find value in it, but back then all I wanted were superpowers. I still want superpowers. BUT this is not the point. Anyway, thanks for reading (and spending your time reading the explanation at the end, lol)! Hope you liked and understood it! ^_^ ~MJ