I Owe It To Me

I can't think straight, I can't decide,
I don't know what to do;
I owe it to him to let it all go,
I owe it to me to love you.

I remember the things you used to say,
The things you used to do;
I treasure each and every one,
Though none were "I love you."

He told me that he loves me,
I can't tell if I love him too;
My heart's still tied to the ridiculous notion
Of holding on to you.

Neither of you has hurt me,
Both cause my heart to melt;
An endless vortex of scrambled will
The like I've never felt.

Author's Notes: This was written at a confusing point in the very long and nerve-wracking summer of 2001 (which I won't go insofar as to explain at length). It's simple, self-explanatory, I suppose--I hope you like it. ^_^ ~MJ