I look in the mirror,
I like what I see...
Except for the shadow
Of your memory.

It haunts my lips
And shades my eyes,
Ashamed of my love of
Your little white lies.

I look in the mirror,
Then sharply away...
Pain grips me, remembering
Things you used to say.

The images come to
My mind so vividly;
The feeling jumps to
My heart so quickly.

I look in the mirror,
I relive the joy,
Reflect on the love,
I'll remember that boy...

Author's Notes: Ooh, the dreaded dual-meaning title! *shudder* LOL, I thought any so-called 'symbolism' here was pretty obvious, so the whole thing is pretty self-explanatory. I'm sure it's all come together by now to my frequent readers that I spend a lot of time on memories and reminiscing...and I'm sure for many of you it has all come together just about why. ^_^ So no need to explain that...anyhow, I hope you like it--thanks a ton! ~MJ