© 2002 Devil Doll

What's it like to be you?
To do the things you do?
Sometimes I just wanna rip off my skin
And crawl into yours.
Sometimes I just let it sink in
And blur my eyes.
I know who I am,
What I am
But is it who I want to be?
What I want to be?
I'm caged within
I'm locked with people
People who are lost,
I want to make a difference
I want to show the world
A life not candy-coated,
And many more
Much more.
Is your skin more comfortable?
Without all the scars?
Without all the flaws?
Is your life more comfortable?
Without all the cares?
Without all the falls?
Take this away...
Just take it away.
Take away my feelings
My actions
My being
My persona.
Who I am...
Take it all away--
And wear this mask,
This mask I've been wearing since the day I was born.
A mask of pain,
This mask that never goes away--
Never will go away.

Wear my mask day after day,
For the rest of your life...
And live my life--
See how much you hate yourself now?