"The Silent One"
© 2002 Devil Doll

He sits there
Going unnoticed
Spikes for hair
A zipper for a mouth
As he sits,
He thinks.
You never know.
What is he going to do next?
You never know.
Is he going to crack?
You will never know.
He doesn't say a word--
He never even lets an emotion show--
Amazing intelligence
Amazing integrity
Amazing talent--
So smart, he may be crazy.
The man is mysterious.
A shadow in your mind. . .
The silent one.
Anonymous voice
Anonymous face
Anonymous man. . .
The silent one.
Hard-drug face. . .
A man of a million faces.
A scary idea--
Will he murder?
Will he kill?
Will he even die?
You will never know. . .
The silent one.
He moves unnoticed
But you feel his presence. . .
The silent one is--
Number five.