A/N: Not truly revolutionary, I guess, it's just a poem about love. Yet, I hope that you'll like it. Please r/r!!! Thanks a lot.

A picture

A sun ray

Plays with his skin,

Setting it on golden fire.

His silhouette,

A dark shadow against the sun.

Muscles ripple in his arms,

As he's painting in the soft morning light.

A picture of eternal beauty.

I sigh, awakening his attention,

Slowly he turns to face me.

He's smiling,

White teeth contrasting tanned face.

Quietly he opens his arms.

I take a step, crossing the distance,

Burying my face in his chest.

I smell his scent, so fresh and clean,

Feel his hands on my back.

He's stroking me, murmuring soft words.

I catch 'my love',

And raise my head.

Eyes lock, tears glistening in mine.

Another smile, a soft sparkle.

Warm lips touch, breaths mingle.

I fall into blissful oblivion.