A View Of Him By A Window

A profile on canvas
Of white-colored Blue
Half-leaning and slightly
Transfixed by you
The humming of time
And of accents and tho'
I ground the world 'round me
You have yet to go

The sky-heavy blueness
Of a Teutonic gaze
And the world passing
Thru' a Germanic phase
Of darkened retraction
But then, this is true
The echo of Spring as it
Falls upon you

Tenderness, poignancy
And the Daily World News
As the Sky full of weight fades
In all different hues
You straddling the Fault Line
Between the Old World and Here
And to me those divisions
Are suddenly Clear

The world in the Center-fold
As you came to find
If at all you were searching
For what I left behind
Half listening, half smiling
And you falling to each
The World and its facets
As I aimlessly reach

The Equinox yesterday
And the sky burning blue
For every-so-often
A Revolution is due
The sun off a diamond
As you turn for a time
Drawing Breezes and Rainstorms
Leaving Winter behind

Bayonets, rifles
A history to follow
You there, as a meaning,
Has yet proven hollow
But Something may be
My young-enthroned King
The world crumpled 'round you
As the Sky falls to Spring.