It was one of your usual late April nights. Dark and wet. There was absolutely no movement on the city streets except for the occasional ragged beggar. Far above the street on the roof tops of the cities tall buildings stood a lone figure completely clothed in black. He was intently watching the streets below, and when he knew that it was clear, he tested the line he had attached to the metal pipe on the roof and swung out over the side. He then proceeded to lower himself to the appropriate floor and positioned himself before the window. He than reached into his bag and pulled out a glass cutter attached to a suction cup and placed it on the window. When the hole in the glass had been cut, he then took out a small flashlight attached to a black head band and put in around his head. Then he took out a small pair of pliers and a small screwdriver and disarmed the alarm on the display case directly in front of him. After removing the top of the case and putting it of to the side he reached in. What he pulled out was a sight to behold. It was a perfectly round diamond about the size of a baseball. He put it in a well padded box and then put it in his bag. After putting the rest of his tools away, he pulled himself back up onto the roof, unhooked his rope and put it in his backpack, and then walked over to the fire escape. With on more look around, he climbed the distance down to the alley where his black motorcycle sat waiting for him. He started it and pulled out of the alley and looked around. When he saw that it was clear he pulled out and accelerated down the city street.

In a castle a long way away, yet very close at the same time, sat a beautiful women. She had an ageless look about her as she sat looking into the mirror on the wall. Instead of seeing her reflection how ever, she saw the thief carrying out his robbery. Now it is believed that in her world off darkness there is a champion. Is this really him, is this the savior of her world. Only she knew for certain, for she is the Goddess Colindra.

"So, do you have the item I asked for?" appeared the message on the computer screen. "Yes." was the reply sent back.

"Good leave it at the usual place. Your fee has already been wired to your account." the next message said. The connection was terminated and Chris Malakite opened up his bank account to see how much he had in it. "four million dollars, not bad for a 20 year old is it?" he thought happily.

Chris Malakite was a kid who had lived on the street since he was five. Both of his parents had been killed in a car accident when he was four. He was then sent to live with foster parents who were kind and loving. The one year he lived with them were the happiest of his life. Then when he was five, while walking to the parking lot after a wonderful night with his foster parents, Chris was grabbed from behind and thrown across the parking lot. His parents were both shot and killed on the spot. The two murders then stole everything of value. The police soon arrived at the seen of the crime but the two murderers were long gone, and so was Chris Malakite. He spent the next ten years doing odd jobs for people and thieving to survive. As he grew older, it all turned into a game for him. As he acquired more money he bought better equipment and was able to do bigger jobs. He soon was a able to make a life for himself and a get a descent place to live. He bought an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city and fixed up the inside of it. In his living area he had a big screen television, theater surround sound and just about every other thing of modern technology. In his office he had a state of the art alarm system and computer hook up. It is in this room that all business transactions take place. He has a untraceable bank account set up in Switzerland were all of his funds are kept. He is tapped into the police computers, the FBI, the CIA, the Whitehouse, and the Pentagon. When anyone wants a high-priced heist pulled of they contact Chris over the Internet. He is considered the best thief in the world. He can get into just about anyplace any where in the world.

Two weeks after the diamond job he did, he received an e-mail with a new job for him. The buyer wanted him to break into the office buildings where he worked and steal some papers. Normally he wouldn't do a job like this, but the buyer was offering $200,000. The next night Chris was speeding down the highway on his motorcycle when he got an odd feeling at the base of his head. He shrugged it of and continued on his way. He pulled into an alley way next to the office building that was his target and headed for the roof. When he got up there he fastened a two ropes to a metal structure on the roof and lowered himself down. When he was at the 50th floor he cut a hole into the glass big enough for him to crawl through. With the other rope tied to the large piece of glass he pulled it back up to the roof and set it down. He then lowered himself back down to the hole and positioned himself in front of it and studied the room in front of him. He saw that the floor had a sensor alarm underneath the carpeting and when he put on a pair of infrared goggles he saw the laser trip alarms crisscrossing the room. With what looked like a pistol, he shot out a hook at the opposite wall above the door where there were no laser alarms. He then attached the rope to his side of the wall and clipped himself on to it. When he was sure it was attached, he pulled himself across it and lowered himself to the floor. Since there were no alarms along the hallway he moved right along. He soon came to the office he wanted, picked the lock to the door and entered. He went right to the desk and started opening drawers looking for the documents. And that is where he made his mistake. He neglected to search the desk for alarms and he set it off. As he was turning to leave he saw the police chopper heading towards the building. He quickly ran out of the room to where he entered and he unhooked all of his equipment and rushed to the window and pulled himself up. He quickly climbed down the alley to where his bike waited and started it up and raced out of the alley. As he was accelerating down the road he felt the feeling in the base of his head, and then saw a blinding light and everything went black.


Chris awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the soothing sound of a bubbling brook. He sat up slowly and looked around. His motorcycle and bag of equipment was of to his left and looked okay, and every where else he looked was peaceful forest. As he stood up he heard a sound of the his right and when he looked over he saw a big buck. The buck looked at him for a second, then it darted back into the forest. "Okay, It's time I found out where I am." Chris said as he followed the brook to the south. A few minutes later he saw a village and headed towards it. When he got there, all the people openly stared at him. He walked up to the first person he saw and asked him "Do you have a public phone in this town?" and the people just stared blankly at him. "How about a hotel? No, how about a store." the people just continued to stare at him. He was just about to ask another question when he noticed a group of men heading his way.

When they got to him, the one in front said, "I'm sorry about the villagers, but we don't receive many visitors. My name is Hal Benouth and I am the town mayor. Please follow me to the Inn and you can tell us what you want in our quite little village."

"Okay, that sounds good to me, lead on." Chris said as he followed the men to the Inn. When they were seated in the common room Chris asked, "Do you have a telephone in this place I can use?"

"Excuse me for asking, but what is a telephone?" asked on the men who had followed the mayor.

"You don't know what a telephone is?" asked Chris in a shocked voice.

"Should I?" the man said to his response.

"They don't know what a phone is." Chris thought to himself, "Okay, can you tell me where I am?"

"You are in ....." the mayor was just about to tell what town it was when a young boy crashed through the door yelling that there were soldiers coming into the village. All the men quickly ran out of the inn and Chris followed behind them. What he saw was a group of people in mass hysteria, all running this way and that, except for the mayor and a few of the other men who slowly walked up to the soldiers, all the while openly shaking in fear. The mayor stammered "Wwwhat do you want?"

"You know what I want peasant!" the soldier in the front snarled.

"But we just paid you last month, we barely have enough to feed our selves, please My Lord, spare us." the mayor stammered.

"Spare you, spare you!" the Lord said in a shocked voice. "I protect you from bandits and you don't want to pay me!"

"It's not that we don't want to pay you My Lord, it's just that we don't have enough to pay you and be able to eat ourselves."

"Then you should have worked harder and grown more crops. What do you have to say about that." sneered the Lord.

"We worked as hard as we could, still we do not have enough." babbled the mayor babbled in pure terror.

"Well then, I guess you will just have to pay the penalty won't you." he sneered.

"Hey, why don't you leave these people alone." Chris said to the Lord.

"And who may I ask, are you to tell me what to do.?" the Lord said to Chris in a voice that clearly said that I am noble and you are only a little worthless peasant.

"My name is Chris Malakite." and after a moments pause, "And I'm not one to be taken lightly."

"Are you threatening me peasant!" sputtered the Lord.

"Know I'm not threatening you. I'm just warning you not to mess with me."

These words so infatuated the Lord that he cried out to his soldiers, "Capture him, we'll see how tough he is after a day on the rack."

With these words Chris dashed into the woods back the way he came and hoped he could get to his bike before the soldiers caught him. As he was running though the woods he was trying to figure out where he was. "Where the hell am I? I'm definitely not in New York anymore."