Why allow my mind to freeze,
Why wallow in my inadequacies,
When I can imagine your lips on mine,
Softly penetrating time
And space until there's nothing left
Of the feeling that I'm completely inept
And I will at last have finally wept
My very last tear inside I've kept
For so long...
And nothing else will ever go wrong
The world all at once will be perfectly right
No longer will I madly fear the night
And perhaps we will be together forever;
A love so true, one that will never
Allow us to take the ties and sever
Them, causing to come to an end our endeavor
In the search for everlasting love.
We will have all the blessings from God above;
We'll laugh together,
Sing together,
Happy just to be together,
Enjoying forever
Golden, lush

Which I snap back to, realizing
That the mind that had begun to freeze,
Thinking of all my inadequacies,
Must at last bounce back from despicable sorrow,
For this impossible school project is due tomorrow.

Author's Notes: A long ramble that started out with a pattern in rhyming, but it kind of disintegrated toward the end. As for the subject matter; you know how sometimes, when you're doing a project for school, you get frustrated and feel like you're a failure? Well I get that a lot. Here I kind of imagine that daydreaming of someone will bring a person out of that--and while it doesn't work for me, it was nice to think that it might. ^_^; It was written late at night (as most of my poetry is nowadays) but I think it turned out pretty well, snapping back to reality at the end...well anyway, you be the judge. Thanks--ja! ~MJ
And by the way, the project exists--it was for English class.