Before I Fall Asleep

I don't need any sleep, not tonight,
For I know what my dreams will hold before light...

You'll hold my hips
And kiss my lips
'Til my very living soul rips
Into a thousand tiny pieces.

I will feel your lips on mine,
Softly penetrating time
And the birds will chirp and chime
While Archangels sing along.

I'll pull you closer, close my eyes,
Indifferent to your little lies
That never hurt me enough inside
To make me truly hate you.

I'll be absolutely confident
With every rapid-passing moment,
Never nervous with past lament;
Not like reality would have me.

I could never sleep, no, not tonight,
This feeling, so strong, I have to fight....

Author's Notes: Written, well...before I went to sleep. The idea of the rather abrupt stop is that the speaker drops off the sleep after the line ends. That's about it, though. =) Thanks for taking the time to read, it's appreciated more than you know. ^_^ ~MJ