In a world with nobody,
A young girl stands alone.
She has no one to turn to,
Not anymore.

She used to have parents,
Until they left her.
She had friends,
But they don't understand.

What else is left for her?
In desparation, she changed.
She finally found relief,
Holding a knife and cutting.

She watches blood appear,
Truly letting go of the world.
No one out there cares,
It's better to stay here.

Cutting let her escape,
She didn't care about the pain,
She was finally rebelling
After so many years of good.

She was depressed too,
Hating everything around her.
Why should everyone else be happy
When she was stuck in hell?

She looked for death,
Fantasizing about him taking her,
Then she wouldn't have to endure
Everyone's happiness shit.

This kept going for some time,
Until one day she was brought back.
She didn't want to leave her world,
And go out into the bright light.

She doesn't remember how or why,
Or when she gave up her hell.
But she does know that she came out
In the end.