This would be a dream weekend for me. R&R please! ^-^


Eyes open

To morning haze

Still half asleep

At my pillow I gaze

Slowly I rise

Only to meet the floor

I had tripped on some books

On the way to the door

I scramble up

And start down the hall

One hand rubbing my eyes

The other on the wall

I drag myself to the living room

And plop down on the couch

From beneath me came

A resounding "Ouch!"

I roll away

My little sister gives a glare

I turn on the TV

With an unblinking stare

And so it begins

My weekend of rest

Sailor Moon runs across the screen

This episode is the best

Chandler married Monica

Spike led Buffy astray

Bart got in trouble

Spongebob and Patrick play

The night comes quickly

My weekend ends

I crawl back to bed

And take the comfort my pillow lends