Dedicated to someone I'll love forever but who had to go....

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No one like him

No one was like him,

He was so different, so special.

He had the stars in his eyes,

Something others only could dream of.

They sparkled all the time,

When he could be happy,

When he was sad.

A gentleness in them,

His look seemed to touch your heart.

He had light in his eyes,

Made your world look bright.

A living angel, a living star.

Why did he have to go?

He was the soul.

He was the heart.

Now he is missing.

The stars have disappeared,

And darkness replaced them.

A world without an angel,

Is like heaven without God.


His smile was always there,

Never gone.

Not when he was disappointed,

Not when he was overjoyed.

His heart was purely golden,

Not a false thought in him.

The only thing missing

Were wings.

Wings of an angel…